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Libra Tarot Horoscopes: May 2023



Libra, are you ready to discover what awaits you in 2023? Your monthly tarotscopes – or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology – can help you become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Just remember that energetic shift can be a good thing – it just allows you to step into a new chapter in your life. The question is: can you show yourself more authentically and patiently? Are you open to where the tarot horoscopes guide you?

Read on to see what awaits you for your sign in the coming year with your monthly tarot horoscope, Libra. And if you want more advice, check out Charmthe weekly horoscopes or consult the monthly tarotscope of the other signs of the zodiac.

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles-based astrologer, tarot reader, and writer whose work connects magic and material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, careers and everything in between. Learn more about themeghanrose.com and follow her on ICT Tac, instagram, And Twitter.

May 2023

Ten of Swords: Dear Libra, I see you putting something to rest this month that has been plaguing you for a while. If there is any aspect of your life that has reached its expiration date, it is up to you to throw it in the appropriate trash can and move on. That doesn’t mean going crazy with the scissors cutting everything, everyone, and every strand of hair this month. This means that you would benefit from strengthening your discernment around who (and what) deserves to take up space in your life.

And if you’ve neglected your family and loved ones because you’re caught up in work, romance, or something else you may not want to admit, May will give you the chance to get back on track and redeem yourself. so you can finally move on once and for all. The future is bright once you take care of those overgrown weeds.

April 2023

Carriage: Libra, I see that the month of April is filled with advances and new perceptions. You are free from the pain of habitual thought, if you allow yourself to. So I ask you to take a moment and acknowledge how you have caused yourself pain by focusing on the wrong people, the wrong goals, and the wrong choices. If you were to clear that space and just allow yourself to be still for a while, what do you think would happen? If you’re running in the wrong direction, that’s the universe’s way of getting your attention and telling you, “It’s good to come back to yourself.

If you’ve found yourself surrounded by negativity or the wrong crowd of people, April will be full of spring cleaning for you. Just because you’re comfortable around certain people doesn’t mean they should (or deserve) to stick around. It’s okay to walk away and never look back from people and dynamics that lack respect and decency. You don’t owe anyone anything, but you do owe it to yourself to walk away from situations that no longer serve you, Libra.

March 2023

Two of the Pentacles: Dear Libra, it looks like you may have to make a decision on how to move your life forward in a big way! If you’ve been on the fence in terms of love or career, I see there is a time when you can choose between two (or more) options. I believe huge blessings are on the other side of your choice.


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