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Lily Collins Documented Her Bangs Transformation “Emily in Paris” – Watch the Video


Even if you’ve never seen a second of Emily in Paris in your life, you probably know she got bangs in the last season. Lily Collins, who plays Emily Cooper in the Netflix series, documented the moment her hairdresser cut the bangs. On Tuesday, December 27, Collins posted the video to his Instagram grid. In the third season of Emily in ParisEmily makes a major misstep by cutting off her own bangs in an emotional moment.

“Not exactly traumatic bangs…unlike Emily, I didn’t cut them myself!” Many thanks to the master @gregoryrussellhair for introducing me to my fringe era and starting Emily’s new hair journey…”

In the video, Collins cringes as her stylist Gregory Russell cuts her bangs. “Baby’s first bangs,” she says. She has a few nervous giggles, closes her eyes and says “oh my god…” luckily her results were more successful than when most people have bangs, in that the bangs were a hit and not a huge error.

See the video below:

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To highlight how important season three’s Emily Cooper’s hair has become, NHL player Jeff Skinner referenced the transformation while talking to another player on his “favorite” show. Collins responded to the adorable hot mic moment on Instagram by sharing the video and writing, “Well that’s a @emilyinparis crossover I wasn’t expecting.”

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Meanwhile, Collins has embraced bangs beyond Emily and incorporated them into her own personal style along the Emily in Paris season three press cycle.

Lily Collins with bangs, December 2022


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