Lily Collins shares the moment she had her Emily in Paris Bangs


Lily Collins is Hair for her stunning new look.

the Emily in Paris The star shared a behind-the-scenes video of how her character, Emily Cooper, really got her bangs for season three. While the hit Netflix show shows Emily impulsively cutting her own hair – in the first episode no less! – the real way it happened was much less dramatic. But still very nerve-wracking.

“Not exactly traumatic bangs…” Lily captioned her Dec. 27 Instagram account, “unlike Emily, I didn’t cut them myself!”

Instead, the actress credited the hairstylist Gregory Russell for her, not only giving her a chic makeover, but “starting Emily’s new hair journey.”

In the short music video, Lily sits in a salon chair and wears a pink barber cape while Gregory carefully combs her hair and cuts chunks out of her locks. After a few strands fell into her lap, the 33-year-old said, “Baby’s first bangs…oh my god.”


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