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‘Look Both Ways’ review: Why Netflix’s drama starring Lili Reinhart misses the mark

Director Wanuri Kahiu, speaking with Varietyacknowledged the timing of the film, which debuted two months afterdeer world, but finally says that Look both ways is “not necessarily a matter of choice”.

Felicia Graham/Netflix

“I am so devastated by what happened with Roe vs. Wade because it affects so many people, not only in the United States, but all the policies that have been funded as a result internationally,” said Kahiu, who is Kenyan. “Even though this movie isn’t necessarily about choice, I love that it tells any young woman that no matter what direction your life takes, if you really follow your heart, you’ll be You are making the right decision for yourself.

In a separate interview with Commerce, Reinhart doubles down on the idea that the good intentions and persistence of the human spirit will always win, regardless of the obstacles, systemic or otherwise.

“There’s a happy ending here, and there isn’t one life that’s worse or better than the other,” Reinhart said. Variety. “And I think that was honestly the goal, and what we wanted people to take away from the movie is that you have options and your life doesn’t have to be a certain way for that you felt happy.”

As much as I want to believe what Reinhart says is true, I found it difficult – even as a relatively optimistic young adult – not to push my way through Look both ways. I may have seen too much to believe that everything is always going well. In 2022, it’s hard, and maybe even a little naive, not to be cynical about life… to, metaphorically speaking, “look both ways”. But pretending that everything will always be fine is not the answer either.

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