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“Looks like a dog dinner”

Weddings can be stressful and expensive, but one bride took away some of her worries by doing something unexpected. Some praised her DIY efforts, but others trolled her and her choices.

Brides lose a lot of sleep in the months and weeks leading up to their special day. There are seating plans to organize and guest favors to finalize, all tasks that require time and money.

However, many brides-to-be have turned to DIY projects to fulfill some of their wedding dreams. The night before she said “yes,” a woman did something brave, but her actions didn’t sit well with everyone.

TikToker Laura Saxe. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


When Laura Saxe, @darlinggoose on TikTok, started documenting her love story online, she was pleasantly surprised by the encouragement from people online. She showed people her engagement and all her clever wedding planning.

When she shared the images online, people were hesitant about her wedding cake. Many thought she was joking.

Saxe adored her future husband and wanted everything to be perfect for their big day. She incorporated many sentimental elements into the wedding, one being their unconventional cake.


Saxe didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wedding cake, so she opted to bake the delicious dessert, proudly sharing that it cost less than $50.

She made herself with Betty Crocker’s Rainbow White Cake Mix and got to work in 2022. Two days before her nuptials, she baked the cake base.

TikToker Laura Saxe used Betty Crocker’s cake mix. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


The TikToker covered the cake in Saran Wrap and placed it in the fridge once she was done. She humorously noted:

“I don’t know if having my wedding cake at midnight the day before my wedding was the best idea.”

However, she was determined to complete the task and was satisfied with her progress. The rainbow treat had a special meaning for the couple, and Saxe revealed that it was her fiancé’s favorite.

TikToker Laura Saxe. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


The day before the big day, she decorated the tiered cake with frosting. In a TikTok video, she said: “I’m just kidding myself because I’ve never iced a cake in my life, but I think it’s kinda cute.”

The treat was topped off with thousands of sprinkles and a cake topper that read “The Saxons.” Her family surrounded her as she smoothed the icing on the bases. They bonded and made the most of the moment. The bride shared:

“This is a memory I will forever treasure of me, my in-laws and my husband decorating our cake until 1am the night before our wedding.”

TikToker Laura Saxe. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


Saxe was filled with joy whenever she thought back to the night before her wedding. She added: “My guests loved it [the cake] because this is all so me. I’m definitely a do-it-yourself girl.”

Instead of getting her restful sleep or finalizing her vows, the bride devoted her time and energy to baking the cake for her husband and his guests. Her actions were motivated by love and she was proud of the end product.

TikToker Laura Saxe. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


When she shared the images online, people were hesitant about her wedding cake. Many thought she was joking, suggesting there was no way she was serving the cake to her guests. A netizen wrote: “Is this a joke??? It’s a birthday cake.”

Someone else said the cake would give them a ‘panic attack’, while another joked about it “[looked] like a dog’s dinner.” A netizen also added:

“The color of these sprinkles will bleed into the frosting overnight. Come morning, it’s going to be an even bigger mess.”

A user rated Saxony Cake and wished they could score their efforts below zero. The online assault was not over, as another person stated: “I would call off the wedding.”

TikToker Laura Saxe’s wedding day. | Source: tiktok.com/@darlinggoose


Among the millions of views and countless comments, people supported the bride. Users applauded her for focusing on the essentials and doing what made her happy. A commenter shared:

“Okay, this is the cutest cake ever. I’m obsessed, so different from regular wedding cakes and you saved A LOT of money.”

Someone added, “Guarantee it tastes 100% better than any dry, dense, fondant-covered ‘professional’ wedding cake I’ve ever eaten.” Another netizen also said: “I love it! I will definitely do this in the future!”


Saxe proudly shared content from her fairytale wedding, and she included photos of the viral cake. She was delighted to show internet users that she had really used the cake for her wedding.

The joy of the day was evident in all the shots, and she was happy with her choice to make a DIY dessert. Not only did it save him money, but it created an unforgettable story.

Saxony’s decision encouraged others to alter their expectations and preconceptions about marriages. While there’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on D-Day, what matters most is that it’s all done with love.

Do you think the bride was smart in making her creative cake instead of a fancy and expensive cake? Would you consider doing something similar for your or your children’s big day?

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