Louis Vuitton Womenswear’s Pre-Fall 2023 Collection Takes Seoul



Actress HoYeon Jung walks the runway for Louis Vuitton in Seoul – photo ©Giovanni Giannoni courtesy of the brand


Louis Vuitton The Pre-Fall 2023 womenswear collection takes us all on a road trip to Seoul, the collection brings what we love about the French Maison under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquiere. For the flagship show, the French house collaborates with the director of the most popular Korean show, Netflix’s Squid Game. The show opener was the star of the show Ho Yeon Jungjoined by supermodels plus a revolutionary music star Lous and the Yakuza.

Not quite the same, but not quite different either… A story of back and forth to be discovered in the Louis Vuitton Prefall 2023 collection. From an image to an idea, from a memory to an innovation, from ‘a belief in a new discovery, leads us once again into an enchanting story shaped by the brand’s creative director. Nicolas Ghesquiere. A constant back and forth of creative energy through the deep roots of Louis Vuitton. The company also all knows got its start as a trunk maker, and the same ideals that guided them continue to inspire their clothing designs today. This striking way of thinking about travel, imbued with French refinement, is close to the brand’s DNA. An irreproachable know-how which nevertheless remains ready to debate.

Lous and the Yakuza Louis Vuitton
Singer Lous and the Yakuza parade for Louis Vuitton – photo ©Giovanni Giannoni courtesy of the brand

THE Louis Vuitton Woman Pre-Fall 2023 The collection travels from one side of the imagination to the other – the basic products receive a new design and new features during this period. It then resumes its incessant movement on the Jamsugyo Bridge in Seoul. This emblematic bridge is a living architectural work that coexists in harmony with the vagaries of water. For Ghesquière and his team, this is the ideal metaphor for change. It ensures the stability of a collection that is itself changing. Hwang Dong Hyukthe director of squid game, turns the Jamsugyo bridge into a character for this particular scene. He does this by involving the bridge in a new illusion trick of light and water. The Jamsugyo Bridge is an important link with the city.

Louis Vuitton Women's Ready-to-Wear Pre Fall 2023
Photo ©Giovanni Giannoni courtesy of the brand
Louis Vuitton Women's Ready-to-Wear Pre Fall 2023
photo ©Giovanni Giannoni courtesy of the brand
Louis Vuitton Women's Ready-to-Wear Pre Fall 2023
photo ©Giovanni Giannoni courtesy of the brand

Discover all the looks from the Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2023 women’s collection:

At Louis Vuitton, the spotlight is always on the bags, and Nicolas has infused the brand with a slew of original styles. The Louis Vuitton Womenswear Pre Fall 2023 collection brings a striking update to some of our favorites – take a closer look at all the bags premiering on the Seoul catwalk:

Discover all the accessories that stand out from the Louis Vuitton Women’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection in our gallery:

Creator: Nicolas Ghesquière
Editor-in-chief: Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Duffy hairstyle
Makeup artist Pat McGrath
Photo credit
Photo Looks: Giovanni Giannoni
Scenography Photos: Hyun Jun Lee
Video by Mathieu Bréchoire
Scenography by Creative Advisor Hwang Dong Hyuk
Casting Director: Ashley Brokaw
Show Opening Actress: HoYeon Jung
Talent Walking: Lous and the Yakuza
Models: Alin Szewczyk, Annemary Aderibigbe, Anouk Smits, Apolline Rocco Fohrer, Ashley Radjarame, Capucine Clowes, Cheongsol Jeong, Chloe Oh, Chu Wong, Dohyun Kim, Emm Arruda, Feya Voishcheva, Fleur Breijer, Franziska Jetzek, Greta Oberwalleney, Hanna Felding , Hyunji Shin, Ida Heiner, Iman Kaumann, Jay Pak, JiHye Park, Kate McNamara, Kristine Lindseth, Masha Skokova, Mika Schneider, Minji Lee, Mona Tougaard, Nora van der Tuin, Oudey Egone, Qisi Feng, Sacha Quenby, Samile Bermannelli , Sarah Brown, Saunders, Seng Khan, Shuqi Lan, Songah Woo, Sora Choi, Tida Rosvall, Valentina Castro, Vilma Sjöberg, Wai Ki Chan, Yoon Young Bae



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