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Lynda Carter looks amazing at 71 and won’t be ‘all cut off’ – she eats fresh, hikes and does high-intensity cardio


“Wonder Woman” actress Lynda Carter has fans wondering about her timeless beauty. At 71, the former movie star looks ageless, thanks to her good genes and healthy habits, including fresh meals, hikes and intense cardio.

It’s been nearly five decades since brunette beauty Lynda Carter captivated fans with her acting prowess, portraying DC Comics’ hottest superhero, Wonder Woman, in the series of the same name.

Although “Wonder Woman” remains her most important work on screen, Carter, a beauty pageant winner and singer, has witnessed many life successes. Yet she continues to make headlines for being an ageless star.

Lynda Carter on December 01, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida | Source: Getty Images

In August, the former Miss America stunned fans by simply strutting the streets of Venice. Paparazzi snapped photos of the anti-aging goddess, who donned a long, floral-themed jumpsuit over comfy slippers.

She was holding a black handbag and a matching color Apple Watch. Carter’s hair was held tightly in a bun behind her head, leaving room for her earrings and natural face makeup to stand out.

In a world where celebrities struggle to flaunt their natural looks without succumbing to pressures to undergo surgery or use filters, the ‘Wonder Woman’ alum continues boldly, impressing fans with her beauty. timeless and natural.

Her recent videos and interviews also make it hard to discount the fact that she must have inherited remarkably young genes from her parents.

Carter has always been confident about her looks. In 2013, at age 61, she flaunted her never-aging physique, reminding fans of her days as a gorgeous crime-fighting Amazon.

While promoting her musical performance at the Time Warner Center in the Big Apple, the brunette beauty opted for more casual closet pieces, including a white blazer-framed button-down shirt draped over tailored pants and sandals with open toe heels.

The singer also accessorized with a silver necklace, long earrings, an orange leather bag and most immaculate of all: her white teeth.

Almost a decade later, Carter has proven to fans that she still has her charm. In a shared post dedicated to celebrating the Christmas holiday, the artist reached out to fans with an admirable message that read:

“Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today! Wishing you all happy holidays and lots of fun, laughter and time spent with your loved ones.”

But what made the headlines was her photo. The full-length image of the artist showed her posing behind a Christmas tree. Her face was wrinkle-free with light, refreshing makeup and her signature lipstick.

Carter donned a blazer over an off-white turtleneck top, adding layers of matching pearl necklaces that complimented her hoop earrings.

Although the ‘Wonder Woman’ star tried to connect with fans via holiday messages, wishing them good news, before the message she had lost her husband, Robert Altman. The couple had been married for thirty-seven years and Carter admitted she felt lost without her longtime partner.

Carter met Altman in 1982 during her divorce from Ron Samuels. Although they weren’t ready to start over, the duo quickly became a couple and, throughout their years of marriage, stuck to each other while raising their two children.

Amid her loss, Carter learned to cope with grief by immersing herself in her music career and welcoming her children’s efforts. In addition, the singer took care of herself, maintaining her beauty and healthy habits.

Lynda Carter knows how to look ageless without surgery

Carter was always family-oriented, and despite her bad marriage to Samuels, she redefined her life and loved being a wife and a mother and a daughter.

After motherhood, she gave up her dream of singing, but Altman encouraged her, and somehow she achieved her goal of being a well-known singer.

The actress grew up admiring her parents and remained close to them until their death. In honor of recent Veterans Day celebrations, she posted a photo of her father Colby Carter, a WWII Army officer.

He wore a beaming smile as he posed next to his wife. Carter mentioned missing him before writing “Happy Veterans Day.” A few years ago, she celebrated her mother, who died in 2013.

The former beauty pageant icon uploaded an image of her young mother in a two-piece swimsuit as she lounged on the sand of a sunny beach. Carter called her “my beautiful mother”, noting that she missed her voice, her laughter and her smile.

Thanks to her parents’ genes and lifestyle, the actress has never been afraid of growing old; she always knew it was inevitable and didn’t try to undergo surgery to maintain perfection. In 2018, while talking about aging, she shamelessly revealed:

“It is what it is. I’m not going to get it all cut off. With all of this, I’m too scared to look different, so I don’t think I will.”

The actress raves about what keeps her from having surgery. She revealed that her mother was almost 90 when she died but without a wrinkle on her face, explaining:

“I think it’s partly just genetics. And my dad looks really good. He’s 95, he looks amazing. I know too many people who’ve done work and they’ve got l I think my ego is too fragile. I think I’d be afraid to look scary.”

Along with her fantastic genetics, Carter leads an active lifestyle to make aging look flawless. The singer eats healthy, avoiding processed foods. She is also an exercise fanatic, frequenting different indoor and outdoor workout routines.

Her to-do list includes walks and treadmill walking, stationary biking, and some intense cardio workouts that keep her body going. She also practices sports such as swimming, hiking, skiing, tennis and rowing.

Fortunately, Carter’s determination to stay strong and work hard with a personal trainer paid off. But that’s not all; enhancing her beauty as much as her body stems from listening to her mother.

A beauty advice her mother gave her was to never expose herself to the sun. She combined this method of resisting sunburn with using the same soap for years while avoiding too much makeup as a perfect beauty routine.

Lynda Carter Now

The 71-year-old did not deviate from his trajectory. She still sticks to his beauty tips, possessing an infectious glow, even as she mourns her husband, who died of myelofibrosis last year.

As mentioned earlier, Carter loves to talk about their time as a couple and largely talked about how they handled their romance, children, and support for each other’s careers.

After motherhood, she gave up her dream of singing, but Altman encouraged her, and somehow she achieved her goal of being a well-known singer. Last month, she was inducted into the California Hall of Fame.

Carter, who identifies as a feminist, also deals with motivating women. In the past, she joined the #MeTooMovement to talk about her experience.

Moreover, she believes that the court’s decision violated the rights of women, but that their courage to speak out shows that they have a “real superpower”.

Today, Carter lives life by his own rules – a healthy diet and exercise routine, while leaning on his children for support whenever grief sets in. But she also lives for strangers, showing true heroism through her charity by bringing comfort to needy inspiring fans around the world.


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