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Lynda Carter sacrificed her career to raise children who are now adults and look like her husband of 37 years

Lynda Carter never welcomed children when she married her first husband but had two when she was with Robert Altman. She quit her career to raise them and now has something that reminds her of her late husband.

When Lynda Carter met her future husband, Robert Altman, in 1982, she had already been through a rocky marriage. In 1977, the actress was at the height of her “Wonder Woman” fame when she married Ron Samuels, a producer.

The famous star was only 25 when she first married. Unfortunately, Carter and Samuels’ relationship only lasted five years until they divorced, childless, in 1982.

Lynda Carter and Ron Samuels at the Jewish National Fund Banquet Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and Jack Warner in Beverly Hills, California, June 12, 1977 | Source: Getty Images

Speaking to Closer Weekly years later, the actress revealed the lesson she learned after getting married young. She emphatically told the publication, “Don’t marry the first person who proposes to you!”

When she met Altman, CEO of a video game company and lawyer, Carter was still licking her wounds. Little did she know that their marriage would be more productive than the first and that she would welcome children with him.


During the 1980s Carter became the face of Maybelline and a spokesperson for the brand. In 1982, she attended an event at the company’s headquarters in Memphis. Maybelline was owned by a corporate client of Altman’s Washington DC law firm

R. Lee Jenkins, one of the executives at Maybelline, invited the attorney to the dinner party for Carter, hoping to match them. While Altman later acknowledged the actress was “beautiful,” he hadn’t planned to attend the event as he hoped to go back to his hotel room and watch the football.

He didn’t want to “confuse” himself with a Hollywood star. For his part, Carter had the idea that lawyers were “boring”. However, Altman attended the event and, in a twist of fate, “the unlikely pair hit it off immediately” when they met, the lawyer recalling:

“There was a strong and immediate attraction, even to the point that we were so interested in each other that it seemed rude to the rest of the table.”

Although neither of them expected this outcome, they ended up having a whirlwind romance. Three days after meeting in Tennessee, Altman called the actress at her home in California.

By then, Carter was already in love with him, and their long-distance relationship evolved into a romantic proposal a year later! The lawyer proposed on the French Riviera, and six months later they were married.

The couple chose to build their lives away from the Hollywood spotlight. They welcomed two children and raised them in Potomac, Maryland in their custom-built home in 1987, but things weren’t always smooth.

In the early 1990s, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International accused Altman and his legal partner of bank fraud. The charges related to their acquisition of First American Bankshares Inc.

Carter’s husband stood trial and was acquitted of the crime, and he later turned to the video game business. His wife stayed by his side throughout, and Altman became the CEO of ZeniMax Media.

A few years after his legal troubles, it was Altman’s turn to support his wife as she struggled with alcoholism. The actress finally got sober in rehab after her husband begged her to do it for him and their kids.


In the couple’s 18,000 square foot home, Carter and her husband raised their children after she sacrificed her career. In 1988, the couple welcomed their son James, and two years later their daughter, Jessica, was born.

The actress has blossomed into being a new mother. She has also worked as an activist and fundraiser for important causes, such as equality for the LGBTQI+ community, pro-choice rights for women, and Susan G. Komen for the cure.

Carter explained the reason for her withdrawal from her career, noting that her friends and family were the people she chose to spend time with in her life. As Carter’s children grew up, she appeared occasionally in movies and on television.

In February 2021, Carter and her children were struck by tragedy when they lost Altman. After 37 years together, the actress’s husband died of myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer.

In June 2022, she [Jessica Altman] also shared a photo where she was seen posing with her late father [Robert Altman].

In October 2021, the ‘Wonder Woman’ star was still mourning the loss of her husband, telling People magazine with teary eyes, “It still gets to me. I just can’t believe I lost him.” , and adding:

“The next part of my life is I want to learn who I am. It’s totally scary. I don’t know who I am without Robert.”


Carter’s children were now the only thing she had to remind her of Altman, mostly because they looked like him. In March 2021, James shared an image of himself with his father.

He revealed that he had worked for Robert for over 20 years at that time. Carter’s son wanted his father to still be there to assist and be proud of his team’s accomplishments before toasting the late relative with a glass of champagne.

James said the timing has never been better for ZeniMax and shared his excitement for their future at Microsoft. In February 2022, Jessica took to her Instagram account to wish her dad a happy birthday alongside a black and white photo of them smiling together.

In June 2022, she also shared a photo where she was with her late father. James and Jessica followed in Robert’s footsteps by pursuing careers in law, the former attending George Washington University Law School.

Carter’s daughter received her law degree and an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Michigan. She worked for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, a Washington, DC law firm, as an associate in its litigation department.

In 2013, she interned for former US Congressman John D. Dingell, Jr. However, Jessica also caught the performance bug from her mother, becoming a singer-songwriter, with the pair often sharing a stage during his concert tours.


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