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Mackenzie Ziegler – All about the former ‘Dance Moms’ star who chose a different path after the show

Mackenzie Ziegler became a child star when she appeared on a reality TV show ten years ago. She then grew up to be a singer and social media influencer. Learn more about the ‘Dance Moms’ star.

Mackenzie Ziegler became an overnight sensation when she appeared on the hit reality TV show “Dance Moms” in 2011. Then a child, Mackenzie, was under the mentorship of Abby Lee, her dance teacher. dance, who treated her like an adult.

At the time, Mackenzie was aware of Lee’s stern and harsh way of teaching children in her classes. Although it wasn’t the best environment to learn, the young dancer eventually got used to Lee’s practice and toughened up during the show.

As Mackenzie improved her skills in the craft, her career took off; like many young stars, she has become an internet sensation with millions of social media followers.


Born Mackenzie Frances Ziegler on June 4, 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the child star learned to dance at age two. Due to her early fame and busy schedule, Mackenzie and her older sister, Maddie, had to be homeschooled in 2013. She explained:

“[Our parents] want us to have all the cool experiences, even if when we went to school we had to miss a lot of days. We missed about 50 days of school a year, but it was worth it.”

Although Mackenzie is grateful to have the opportunity to pursue her dreams while getting an education, she admitted it was difficult without friends. When she’s not busy with dance lessons and school, Mackenzie enjoys reading.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved to read,” she said, as the List tells. Mackenzie also enjoys watching makeup tutorials on YouTube with her sister and practicing how to perfect cat eyes.

Dancing continues to be a big part of Mackenzie’s life, although she admits she sometimes gets nervous and prefers to dance at home where no one is watching.

As a dancer, Mackenzie is exposed to different types of music to accompany her choreography. Naturally, she also learned to love music for the freedom it gives that dance cannot. “With dancing, you have to be prepared,” she reportedly said. “If you can’t dance, you’re cut out. But with singing, you can literally say anything.”

Mackenzie often flaunts her incredible voice on her Instagram account, honoring over 14.5 million followers. “I don’t think followers are a big deal,” she said. “It’s just a pimple. I don’t think it’s that cool. I love social media, but people need to relax.”

Despite her huge fanbase, she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity but knows she has the power to be a positive influence on others. Mackenzie interacts with her followers through live sessions to respond to comments as much as possible. She says:

“Everyone wants to look like Kylie Jenner. 13 year olds face each other to look slimmer. I just want to tell them it doesn’t matter! Live your life!”


Mackenzie debuted on “Dance Moms” in 2011 alongside her mother, Melissa Gisoni, and sister, Maddie. Throughout her time on the Lifetime series, Mackenzie also appeared on “Abby’s Studio Rescue” and “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.”

In 2016, after six seasons, Mackenzie’s mother revealed that they would no longer be returning to “Dance Moms.” Afterwards, 12-year-old Mackenzie was not told of the decision and found it quite emotional to leave; and shared:

“When we were in the pyramid, my sister was like, ‘I have to tell you something, but I can’t,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, well, that’s rude.’ Later my mom got all the girls and she told them we were leaving, which I didn’t even know.”

“I was just really shocked,” Mackenzie added. “Because I feel like I would have been there until the end because I was there from the start.” Although it’s been a painful goodbye, Mackenzie is grateful for the many lessons she learned during the series, including how to stand up for herself.

Dancing continues to be a big part of Mackenzie’s life, although she admits she sometimes gets nervous and prefers to dance at home where no one is watching. “When I was little I didn’t really have a passion for dancing, but when I was about nine I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing,” she revealed. .

Mackenzie later realized her new found love for singing, which eventually became a career path she followed. His debut album, “Mack Z,” landed No. 1 on the iTunes Pop Charts. Besides singing, Mackenzie also has screen credits under her belt, including “Let Us In”, “Total Eclipse”, and “The Masked Dancer”.


Mackenzie was born to Melissa Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler. While most dads are supportive of their kids’ careers, Kurt has been firm in wanting his daughter off the show. Mackenzie’s, alongside her sister’s dancing career, impacted her parents’ relationship, leading to their divorce in 2011.

Mackenzie recalled a memory with her sister where her mother jokingly yelled for Zac Efron to take off his shirt during the Teen Choice Awards. They were lucky to be seated in the back.

“My ex-future claims dancing ruined our marriage,” Melissa said in an interview with Life & Style Mag. Kurt doesn’t see his children much, the rare times only on special occasions. The father of two has a career as a loan officer in Pennsylvania.

Mackenzie’s relationship with her mother was different, with the dancing star writing a sweet note for her mother’s birthday, referring to her mother as her best friend. Nonetheless, Melissa has her fair share of moments embarrassing her children.

Mackenzie recalled a memory with her sister where her mother jokingly yelled for Zac Efron to take off his shirt during the Teen Choice Awards. They were lucky to be seated in the back.

Two years after her divorce, Melissa found love in Greg, a nuclear services professional. Greg has a healthy relationship with the Ziegler sisters, being considered their best friend.


Growing up, Mackenzie and Maddie had to deal with the demands of being stars in their own right. Being on national television meant they had to be homeschooled to devote more time to their dancing careers.

Their experiences at such a young age created a strong bond as sisters. In a book written by Maddie, she shared how she couldn’t imagine going through this phase of her life without her sister.

But like all sisterly relationships, Mackenzie has those moments when she annoys her sister. In an interview, Maddie opened up about how Mackenzie used to borrow clothes, but she tries to see past it, knowing her younger sister looks up to her.


Mackenzie is in a relationship with Tacoda Dubbs, whom she met through TikTok. Mackenzie took the first step and privately messaged Dubbs on Instagram. They have since been open about their relationship on social media.

The couple went public with their relationship in August 2020 through a photo of them hanging out next to each other on the beach. In 2021, influences revealed that she was happy to be in a healthy relationship.

“I have a boyfriend — a great boyfriend,” she said in a video, according to Buzz Feed. “I know it’s like one thing to go back to your toxic ex or go for the bad boy instead of the good boy because it’s silly in the moment.”

Before meeting Dubbs, Mackenzie was in a relationship with ‘Stuck in the Middle’ star Isaak Presley, whom she broke up with in May 2020. Although their relationship didn’t work out, it brought Mackenzie to a better place in the world. his love life.


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