Macron analyzes the situation in the National Assembly

Arthur de Laborde, edited by Ophelie Artaud

This Thursday, during the traditional interview of July 14, Emmanuel Macron for the first time analyzed the political situation after the legislative elections. If he has sketched out a roadmap, his relative majority in the National Assembly could contradict his plans. He therefore called on the oppositions to a “collective responsibility”.

During his interview on July 14, Emmanuel Macron made an initial analysis of the French political situation after the legislative elections. He tried to give a course to his five-year term. The president has defined the main commitments of his mandate, in particular a labor reform this summer or a pension reform which began to be mentioned at the start of the school year. He has therefore sketched out a roadmap, but does he have the political means to implement it?

“I think there will be a collective responsibility that will prevail”

Because relative majority obliges, the National Assembly can thwart or slow down the projects of the Head of State. This was the case this Tuesday evening when an RN, LR and Nupes coalition truncated its health text, by not voting for the article which could restore the health pass at the borders. But Emmanuel Macron is not worried.

“There is only a majority against the government with this baroque team. They will have a hard time explaining to their constituents what they did the other evening. I believe in the wisdom of these same parliamentarians for the texts that come. I think there will be a collective responsibility that will prevail,” he said during the interview.

Rather than Jupiter, Macron sees himself as Vulcan

The President therefore calls the oppositions to reason. He implies that the time is no longer for the verticality of power and, moreover, refutes the mythological comparison to Jupiter that many of his adversaries attribute to him. With a smile, he imagines himself more as another Roman god. “It’s more Vulcan, that is, at the forge.”

Forger of compromise. But, for lack of consensus, to avoid possible future deadlocks, the Head of State warns: he has the tools to go directly to the French to propose measures to them. An obvious reference to the referendum.

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