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Man Loses Wife And Newborn Son In Days And Asks Others To Hug Their Loved Ones Before It’s Too Late



A family’s home had once been filled with joy and excitement, but soon became a place of sadness and despair. An unexpected tragedy left them in shock. Fortunately, the kindness of strangers gave them new hope.

Life is not always easy, and often it inflicts devastating blows on us. The loss of a loved one turns the world upside down and leaves people feeling broken.

A father and his beautiful family were grateful for their love and joy. However, that all changed when the woman at the heart of their home began to feel unwell.


The Schmidt family never imagined their worst nightmare would come true. Parents, Erik and Erin, adored their three children, Laura, Jill and Heidi, and they lived each day with purpose.

They were surprised after finding out Erin was pregnant with a baby she called “a twist”. Erik shared that his wife said: “We didn’t expect to get pregnant. God had a different plan for us.”

They were thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet their baby boy, James. Throughout her pregnancy Erin, 40, suffered from back pain, but she didn’t give it much thought.


In June 2022, Erin’s pain escalated and the couple went to their local hospital in Fargo, North Dakota for a check-up. Doctors decided to send the mother to the Mayo Clinic for further testing.

Baby James was born by Caesarean section and doctors have discovered the shocking cause of Erin’s back pain. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and was already at the most advanced stage.

The heartbroken dad admitted some days were heartbreaking, but he stayed strong for his daughters.

The family was in disbelief and knew he didn’t have much time left with his beloved mother and wife. Emotions were running high and three days later Erin passed away.


Entering the world at just 23 weeks, baby James had to fight for his life. The grieving family clung to hope for his survival – tragically he died two weeks later. The family shared:

“He fought until he couldn’t fight anymore, and we are grateful to have known him for these two short weeks. We are comforted to know that he rests in peace alongside his beautiful mom, Erin.


The Schmidts went from a family of six to a family of four in a short time, and it devastated them. They were heartbroken and struggling to put the pieces back together. Fortunately, their community stepped in to help.

Erin was a teacher and everyone who knew her loved her. Erik couldn’t believe the overwhelming support from friends, family and strangers. He expressed:

“It doesn’t bring Erin or James back, but it is, I guess I can’t put into words the support I’ve received from my family and the community we live in.”


The heartbroken dad admitted some days were heartbreaking, but he stayed strong for his daughters. Eric said: “That’s what Erin would want me to do. It’s hard…but my three daughters are my life right now.”

Erik hoped his family’s story would encourage others to go to the doctor regularly. He also wanted people to embrace their loved ones and not take them for granted. He added:

“You tell them how much you love them for me, and don’t take any of those moments for granted.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family cover their expenses. As of mid-August 2022, over $36,000 has already been donated by kind donors.


Community member Lisa Hendrickson said it was time to give back to Erin for all she has done in their area. She also described Erin as “fun, loving and caring”. Hendrickson continued:

“[Erin] was a role model for the students she worked with at school. Family was incredibly important to her. When asked to do something, she was more than willing to volunteer her time.”


A fundraiser was also held in honor of Erin and James. Many people showed up to pay their respects and recall the memory of two beautiful souls. One of the fundraiser participants shared:

“Many people have come together to show their love and support for Erin Schmidt’s family. They honor Erin. We will hear about this amazing woman and all she meant to the community.”


While they still deeply felt the pain of their loss, everyone’s encouragement and love helped the family. Netizens sympathized with the devastated father and offered their condolences:

“Prayers for you, three daughters, your family and all who loved your wife and little boy. God holds your loved ones in His arms. Prayers for continued strength and faith.”

— (Loretta Herndon) August 15, 2022

“So deeply sorry for your losses. May they both rest in peace together in heaven now. Sympathy to you and your daughters. No words. Just know that others care.”

– (Deborah Schmiedl) August 13, 2022

“It brought the tears to my eyes. I am so heartbroken for him and his daughters. I couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a spouse and the little boy you loved and wanted so much. Just a tragedy.”

— (Erin Clow) August 13, 2022

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Erik and his family as they mourn the loss of two loved ones.

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