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Man Mocked For Dating Conjoined Twin For Years – They Prove Love Knows No Bounds



Lupita Andrade and Carmen Andrade | Carmen Andrade and Daniel | Source: Instagram.com/andrade_glupe | instagram.com/carmen_andrade2000

Conjoined twin sisters Lupita Andrade and Carmen Andrade work perfectly as a team. The two women share internal structures and could not be separated by surgery. Lupita is asexual, but Carmen has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend has been shamed and mocked for dating her for years.

Lupita Andrade and Carmen Andrade are conjoined twin sisters. The 22-year-old lives in Connecticut, Massachusetts.

Both women were born in Mexico but moved to the United States as babies. The twin sisters said they do most things together as a perfect team.

Lupita and Carmen share many internal structures, including a bloodstream and a liver. They are connected at the torso and share a pelvis and a reproductive system.

The women each have two arms but one leg. According to Carmen, she takes care of the right leg and takes care of driving, while Lupita takes care of music and navigation.

Twin sisters are happy and love each other

Lupita and Carmen said they were happy to be conjoined twins. According to Lupita, if a separation operation had been performed, one or both would have died, or they would have spent the rest of their lives in the intensive care unit.

Regardless of their physical condition, Lupita and Carmen said they had happy childhoods. However, Carmen noted that people would be mean to them when they were in school and popular kids tended to infantilize them.

She added that sometimes people talked to them like babies because they weren’t used to interacting with people with disabilities.

Carmen noted that she and Lupita had the same friends growing up. She said they were still friends with their childhood pals. “Lupita has a very good intuition of people, so if she likes them, I like them,” Carmen said.

In addition to sharing friends, the twin sisters said they share clothes because they have similar fashion tastes. Carmen said they had the same style but tried to create their own unique looks.

Carmen also revealed that since they were five years old, the two had a neighbor who sewed their clothes. The neighbor made all the scrubs, dresses, shirts and other clothes for the twins.

However, the two also have differences as sometimes they don’t keep their hair the same length. The twins wear glasses, but Lupita has completely different ones than Carmen. Lupita also has a piercing on the side of her nose, while Carmen has a septum ring.

The twins have their own dreams. Lupita dreams of becoming an actress. Carmen described her twin sister as funny and the most talkative.

On the other hand, Carmen is studying at university to become a veterinary nurse. Her twin sister also wants to work in the same field but as a technician.

Carmen revealed that she and Daniel had previously discussed getting engaged, but wanted to live together first.

Carmen and Lupita enjoy spending time together and never tire of being in each other’s company. When they return home tired at the end of a busy day, they both focus on their own devices. Carmen said:

“I have my laptop to do my homework, and Lupita will put on headphones and listen to music or use her phone.”

The twin sisters added that they are used to spending time together because they have been together their entire lives. According to Carmen, lacking independence is difficult for them because they have never experienced it.

Besides always spending time together, the two absorb each other’s feelings. Lupita said she could feel when Carmen was about to cry or was anxious as her stomach dropped.

Carmen also revealed that when they were six years old, they both had nightmares about a plane crash and when they woke up, they fell out of bed.

She added that in another incident, they were at a mall and she felt a strange feeling in her stomach that she knew came from her sister:

“A man was pretending to film his daughter, but he was really filming us. I didn’t notice, but Lupita did. She’s much more observant.”

The twins said their life was fulfilling as they enjoyed it like anyone else by going to concerts, watching movies and traveling on planes. Carmen noted that they wanted to hit the gym and train so they could carry big dogs, as is the norm in their careers as vets.

However, the twin sisters said they also went through tough times. Carmen said they sometimes receive nasty comments on social media from people who ask them deeply personal questions:

“A lot of people don’t have a habit of… setting or creating boundaries when it comes to our disability. But you have to remember: we’re not just conjoined twins, we’re people.”

Carmen’s boyfriend was mocked on social media

Carmen has a boyfriend, but her twin sister is asexual. Lupita said that Carmen dreams of getting married. Carmen and her boyfriend, Daniel, have been together for two and a half years. The couple met on Hinge in 2020.

According to Carmen, she never hid the fact that she was a conjoined twin on Hinge. This information made him receive several messages from fetish guys. Carmen added that she suffers from social anxiety and mostly cancels dates at the last minute, but she was calm going to meet Daniel for the first time:

“I knew from the start that Daniel was different from the others, because he didn’t start with a question about my condition.”

Carmen revealed that she and Daniel had previously discussed getting engaged, but wanted to live together first. She noted that she was happy that Lupita and Daniel were good friends. Carmen said that when they go on dates, sometimes Lupita chooses the activities or the places to go for dinner:

“It’s funny because I stay up later than Lupita, but when Daniel sleeps, I fall asleep quickly and he stays up talking with her.”

Carmen added that she and Daniel love kids but don’t want to have any. She noted that she and Lupita suffered from endometriosis and took a hormone blocker that prevented them from having their period. However, she said she loved being a dog mom.

Daniel and Carmen are in love, but that hasn’t stopped people from attacking their relationship on social media. Users left despicable comments on social media as one person said Daniel was lucky to have two daughters for the price of one. Daniel was particularly attacked when someone commented, “sick and ashamed, and God hates sins.”

A social media user also targeted Daniel saying that Carmen’s boyfriend had marked “a double head”. Other users claimed not to understand the relationship between Carmen and Daniel. “…I’m angry at those who understood,” said one user.

However, Carmen and Daniel received positive feedback from people who said, “They look so happy” and from another person who said they thought the love between Carmen and Daniel was amazing. One individual also condemned those who had posted negative comments:

“The comments make me really sick… The jokes you can crack really show your character, and I’m sad for our superficial future on this planet.”

Other people had encouraging comments for the twins, as one user said she hopes the twins can be separated one day. She called them “pretty girls”. Another user noted that the twins were beautiful women.

Carmen and Lupita receive negative comments on social media, but that hasn’t stopped them from living their lives as they constantly share photos of themselves having fun with their family on special occasions such as Christmas and New Years. birthdays.

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