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Married to a 46-year-younger woman and praised by fans for looking ‘incredible’

Dick Van Dyke has continually stunned fans with the way he perpetually defies his age, and he attributes this remarkable feat to being married to a woman 46 years younger than him. Here are a few other things he does to stay fit like a fiddle.

Dick Van Dyke, famous for his ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ and for playing Mary Poppins’ closest friend Bert on ‘Mary Poppins’, was recently pictured looking fit at 96 as he was leaving lunch with a friend in Malibu recently.

After lunch, he was spotted running errands, including buying a bottle of Neutrogena self-tanning spray from a local store. He was dressed casually in a light gray long-sleeved sweater, navy blue pants and a pair of slip-on shoes for going out.

Dick Van Dyke on October 27, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

He also carried a stylish leather shoulder bag and, after completing his run, he proved he was still as upright as he got into his Lexus and drove home. The way he continually defies his age has been a source of joy and inspiration to his fans.

As Dick left his lunch with his friend, passers-by asked him what he had planned for Father’s Day, but all he told them was that he was just “glad to be here”.

Later, photos from his outing that captured him smiling warmly were shared on Twitter, and they drew plenty of praise from users who were blown away by the life in his eyes at 96. A fan wrote:

“And he looks great! We’re glad you’re still here too!”

A different tweep wrote: “Imagine being this beautiful at 96.” Many other users echoed the same sentiment, with a affirming that he is a “national treasure” and another confess that the veteran actor was his “childhood hero.”


Dick Van Dyke has been married to Arlene Silver, a woman more than four decades younger than him, for several years. The bubbly old man was captured trying to cover the private parts of a naked statue with a scarf.

He attended the event to present Julie Andres with a lifetime achievement award, and while Arlene, who was there as a makeup artist, was powdering her nose, they started talking.

He introduced himself as Dick to her, and the first thing she did was confirm if he was the Dick from “Mary Poppins.” It was the start of something neither party saw coming.

Silver said, “We hit it off immediately as friends, so he didn’t feel like he was much older than me.” Their friendship evolved into something more over time, and they let it go. She once said:

“He’s the most perfect human being. I’ve never met someone so happy, so genuine, so amazing. He’s like a happy pill.”

Dick, who had been in two long relationships with different women, confessed he never expected to find love again. As things got even more serious, the talented actor began to worry about what people would say about the 46-year gap between them. He said:

“I thought there would be an outcry about a gold digger marrying an old man, but nobody ever took that attitude.”


Dick is very popular due to his acting talent; However, nowadays hardly anyone can successfully describe it without mentioning its anti-aging habits. Indeed, despite his age, the actor told Closer Weekly that he still goes to the gym up to three times a week. He said in 2019:

“I’ve always exercised and I still am…I go in the pool and I exercise. At my age they say to keep moving. Put me on solid ground and I’ll start to type.”

To stay active, he does water aerobics, lifts weights and walks on a treadmill, but he also attributed his fit figure to good genes. His young partner, Silver, keeps him on his toes when he’s not doing any of this. He once paid tribute to her for her happiness and vitality as a nonagenarian. In his words:

“We share an attitude. She can go with the flow. She loves to sing and dance, which we do almost every day. She’s just lovely.”

They showed how they take to the dance floor when they teamed up with Silver’s band, The Vantastix, and Tony Guerrero for a rendition of a 1958 Doris Day song called “Everybody Loves a Lover.”

The clip was shared on Silver’s Youtube channel and garnered over a million views and over ten thousand likes. It started with Silver singing the beautiful song while staring at herself in front of a mirror and slowly warmed up as she walked over to where her husband was sitting cross-legged in a chair.

After singing a few verses, Dick approached his wife, after which they began performing the two steps and more in perfect sync while displaying their beautiful bond for all to see. The actor looked quite happy and very much in love, but the best thing about it was that the look reflected in Silver’s eyes.

Throughout the performance, the couple kissed and hugged, and at the end, the bubbly old man was captured trying to cover the private parts of a naked statue with a scarf. Viewers were impressed, not only by the fact that the nonagenarian could still dance, but also by the obvious love between the two.

The footage was posted online just before Dick and Silver’s 10th wedding anniversary on February 29. Aside from Silver, he has already been in love once; his relationship with Margie Willett, his first wife and mother of his four children, ended in 1984 after more than three decades.


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