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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Reportedly Together Despite Split Rumors

If you woke up with a start this morning wondering, Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly still together? so boy do i have any news for you!

The couple is In effect still going strong in the face of breakup rumours, at least according to TMZ. Sources tell the outlet that they’re “doing great” and having “no major issues,” which sounds… promising, I guess.

Breakup rumors have swirled around the MGK-Megan Fox universe for the past few weeks, apparently because Fox hasn’t posted a photo of the two of them together since May. But it has less to do with relationship conflicts and more to do with logistics, according to TMZ’s source.

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“They obviously can’t be together 24/7,” the outlet writes, “both work and have kids, but we’re told they’re solid.” Fox shares three children with ex Bryan Austin Green, and Machine Gun Kelly has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Fox didn’t attend MGK’s recent performance in Cleveland over the weekend — which also fueled breakup rumors — but he apparently referred to Fox as a “woman” onstage, which he previously explained not to be. should not be taken literally.

“I think when I talk about terminology, I never felt like my girlfriend,” he said entertainment tonight back in June. “It’s too adolescent for the depth of our relationship.”

The couple, who announced their engagement in January 2022, are also busy planning a wedding and drinking each other’s blood, two time-consuming activities (or so I’m told) that may have contributed to the dearth of couple photos of the pair in recent weeks. Understandable, tbh!

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