Minor league team calls Austin Riley snub

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MLB released its hitting power rankings on Friday.

Power ratings are one way to tell who the best hitters in baseball are, but they also need to have some sort of, especially recent, production history.

It’s about who’s hot, but also who’s been doing it for a while too.

In this case, Atlanta Braves third baseman Austin Riley tops the hitting power ratings ahead of hitters like Aaron Judge, Yordan Alvarez, Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt and others.

There is, however, a strange development: of the ten best hitters in the Power Rankings, only one has not made the All-Star team.

Hint: it starts with an R and ends with an “iley”.

The league’s best hitter has no place in the All-Star Game

The Braves’ Triple-A affiliate wasn’t afraid to report the situation.

“No All-Stars in the top. It makes you think,” the Gwinnett Stripers tweeted.

It’s that the league considers Riley the hottest player in the world, but hasn’t found a way to include him in the all-star list.

We know third base is a bit stacked in the National League, with Manny Machado starting and Arenado backing up.

But Riley had as many cases as the two to include at least as a reserve.

The young Braves slugger has cut .284/.347/.564 with 25 homers in 386 plate appearances.

You’d think it’s worthy of a spot in the Midsummer Classic, but the league or the voters didn’t think so.

Riley will have no choice but to keep smashing to show people they were wrong not to pick him for the game.

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