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Mom prays over her son’s lifeless body and says “I need you!” — A minute later, his hand moves

When a woman saw her son lying lifeless on the ground after being involved in an accident, she felt like the world had crumbled on her shoulders. Unfortunately, things got worse, but the woman chose faith over fear. Eventually, she and her family experienced a miracle.

In life, there are significant testimonies that show that miracles happen. With the advances in science and technology in today’s world, the word “miracle” might sound weird. Yet there are cases that cannot be understood and for which even science cannot provide answers.

You may find it amazing or shrug your shoulders in disbelief, but the light of miracles shines when you least expect it. Miracles are not something people find or encounter on a daily basis. These are once-in-a-lifetime events that many people don’t know about.

La’Kisha Brinson speaking during an interview | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston

However, La’Kisha Brinson and her family can boldly say that they are among the lucky ones to have experienced a miracle firsthand.

When all hope seemed lost and the chances of La’Kisha’s son coming back to life were zero, a show of faith from the woman would change things for her and her family. Here are the details of the intriguing story.

Torianto Brinson speaking during an interview | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston


Since La’Kisha welcomed her 15-year-old son, Torianto Brinson, she’s seen him excel in various aspects. At his high school in Missouri City, Texas, the young teenager was one of the best.

Torianto has proven that he has a bright future ahead of him by not only doing well in school but excelling in sports. However, one fateful day in 2021, everything changed. It started off as a normal day for Torianto and his mother, but it would end in one of the most gruesome ways.

Torianto on his hospital bed | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston

According to La’Kisha, she received a heartbreaking call from her daughter, who sounded hysterical on the phone. “Mom, you have to come here now,” the woman recalled.

Immediately, La’Kisha drove to a street around the corner from her house, and when she arrived, she saw Torianto lying unconscious on the road. The teenager had been the victim of a fatal car accident and had been ejected from the car. Seeing her son in a lifeless state left La’Kisha devastated.

Four emergency services were on the scene, attempting to resuscitate Torianto, but nothing worked. The young boy was neither moving nor breathing.

Torianto on his hospital bed | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston

Afterwards, Torianto was transported to Texas Medical Center by Life Flight, where the situation escalated, and the devastated mother would receive even more heartbreaking news.

La’Kisha said doctors told them her son was dead and there was nothing they could do. She hoped the doctors would do more, but unfortunately they confirmed that Torianto was gone and nothing else could be done. However, despite the doctors’ words, La’Kisha refused to give up on her son.

Torianto during his rehabilitation in the hospital | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston


She asked the family to pray as she said a few words of prayer over Torianto’s lifeless body, begging him to return. A minute later, La’Kisha would witness an extraordinary miracle. According to her:

“I held his hand, prayed and said, ‘Junior, I need you.’ A minute later, I saw his hand moving.”

Dr Liz Larkin speaking during an interview | Source: Facebook/FOX 26 Houston

Once doctors saw the move, they took Torianto to the theater for traumatic brain surgery. The intervention was successful, but the teenager remained in a semi-coma for several months.

Eventually, Torianto recovered just enough to be taken to TIRR Memorial Hermann, a rehabilitation hospital. There he received all the help he could get.

Torianto plays basketball after recovering from injuries | Source: Youtube/ FOX 26 Houston

Dr Liz Larkin, a physiotherapist at the hospital, said Torianto was still struggling to move around and needed help. Still, it was a good sign, which meant the young boy was improving.

Over time, Torianto made more progress, and Larkin and the teenager’s family were thrilled to see how far he had come. Torianto even started playing basketball again and fulfilling his dream of one day playing in the NBA. The young boy said he would like to play for the Houston Rockets.


After spending several weeks in the hospital, Torianto finally returned home, where his family taught him to start all over again. In the words of La’Kisha:

“We taught him how to brush his teeth, how to bathe, how to eat. I’m a teacher, so I started teaching him fourth grade work, teaching him to understand what he’s reading again and to understand mathematics.

Torianto’s family continued to teach and support him until he was finally able to do everything independently. Hopefully this story inspires someone not to give up, even when things seem hopeless.

It also proves that a mother’s love and the power of her prayer are capable of impossible things. Do you believe that a mother’s love and God can bring a child back to life? Please share this story if you believe in miracles.


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