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Mom’s Belly Starts Growing Weeks After Giving Birth, She Finds Out She Has 2 Babies Inside

Nearly six weeks after welcoming her baby girl, a woman felt uneasy and exhausted. She began to feel full and, surprisingly, her belly grew. She then had an ultrasound and froze at the stunning revelation.

A few weeks after an exhausting childbirth, some mothers would feel great before getting pregnant. But for an Australian mother, it was quite the opposite.

In January 2016, Eliza Curby and her boyfriend Ben were overjoyed when they welcomed their baby girl, Charlie. The couple were overjoyed to raise their little family but found themselves in a predicament six weeks later after Eliza’s belly mysteriously started to swell.


The Northern Beaches native and her partner Ben have become pregnant with their first child after three months of dating. Like Eliza, Ben has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​having babies. So when Eliza revealed the good news, he was excited at the very idea.

Stunned beyond belief, their doctor sent them for an ultrasound. At this point, more shocking details emerged.

While the first few weeks after giving birth are a rejuvenating time for many first-time mothers, that wasn’t exactly the case for Eliza. Not only were the first few weeks after giving birth the hardest, but for some reason she was constantly exhausted and felt more full.


“My mother always said it took six full weeks to get some fresh air!” Eliza says. Although not all women experience the same postpartum stress and trauma, their weariness fades over time.

But for Eliza, it didn’t happen even six weeks after giving birth. She even tried to figure out the odds of what was going on with her body. For some reason, Eliza couldn’t help but suspect that she was pregnant again. She recalled:

“Everyone told me it was the sleep deprivation that was getting to me, but I wasn’t convinced. I remember looking at Ben and saying, ‘I think I’m pregnant.'”


However, Ben called it a joke. The couple had just had their first child, and it was out of the question that Eliza was pregnant again six weeks later. But the mother was still impassive. She was confused, exhausted and just wanted to find out the truth.

Curious, Eliza took a pregnancy test, and the results were negative. Still, something clicked and she opted for a few more tests. But the verdict fell two weeks and four tests later: Eliza was indeed pregnant!

The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. They immediately rushed to the doctor to confirm the news. Stunned beyond belief, their doctor sent them for an ultrasound. At this point, more shocking details emerged.


“The tech looked awkward and uncomfortable before he finally said… ‘Look, this is the start, but I think there are two,'” Eliza recalled.

The revelation shook the mom, but she was super excited. Although the couple had fraternal twins in their families, none were identical until news of the pregnancy became official.

Eliza was animated, but it took her a little over two months and thousands of internet searches to deal with the double joy that was growing inside her. “I just didn’t think about it too much because it made me nervous thinking about the how,” she said.


For the next few months, Eliza lived in pleasant denial about becoming a mother again until she was too full to pretend.

“I weighed 35 kg more than my 55 kg pre-baby… My poor body hadn’t even had a chance to recover after the first one!” she exclaimed.

Luckily, Eliza’s pregnancy wasn’t as complicated as she thought. Her twin babies have reached the 36 week deadline and even passed the 3kg weight test. In just 11 months, Eliza gave birth to three children, two after one! However, her extended family came with some changes to the plans they originally had for just one baby.


Eliza, who has driven a Swift before, felt the need to buy a bigger, more spacious car for her three baby pods. She says:

“But three baby pods don’t fit in most bigger five-seater cars…so we went car racing, and I’m now driving a van – mum’s big VW van!”

The family coped with their childcare duties with an average of 20 diapers a day. That’s 140 a week! But what’s it like parenting three babies simultaneously when you were only prepared for one? Well, Eliza has her answers.


“I’m expressing right now because breastfeeding twins is impossible with a one-year-old crawling all over you,” the mother-of-three revealed. Meanwhile, the exhaustion and everything about the double pregnancy she endured six weeks after Charlie’s birth wore away.

“No, I don’t know what day it is… No, I don’t know which of my identical twins I just fed… No, I probably couldn’t spell my name right now… But I am here, and I work… Just!” Elisa exclaimed.

The Northern Beaches mum called her babies “Irish triplets” because of their closeness in age. It really does feel like Eliza Curby and Ben have had their little nest filled with blessings from the Almighty! What do you think?

How would you react to an unexpected pregnancy just weeks after giving birth to your first child? Would you be excited and how would you accept the revelation?

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