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Mum abandons her only daughter to save her from poverty and hugs her again on her 98th birthday

When a woman living during World War II found out she was pregnant, she decided to give the baby up for adoption. Nearly 100 years old, the older woman had no hope of seeing her child again.

Parents make many sacrifices for their beloved children, and often their choices are painful. A young mother knew that another family would be able to give her daughter a life full of opportunities.

As a Jewish refugee living in England, she said goodbye to her child, hoping it would save her from a life of poverty. The mother never stopped thinking about the little girl and always dreamed of seeing her again.

Gerda Cole. | Source: youtube.com/Toronto Sun

In 2022, Gerda Cole celebrated her 98th birthday and received the gift of her life. Take your tissues and read his beautiful story that will make you believe in miracles.


Cole has been through many eras, but she will never forget 1942, when she became pregnant with a baby girl. The woman was only 18 and unable to care for the newborn baby and provide for her basic needs.

Unable to afford to raise a child, Cole made the heartbreaking decision to give his baby to a German family living in England. She said: “I felt it was just for her.” But it was not easy, and the choice left the young mother unhappy.

Sonya Grist. | Source: youtube.com/Toronto Sun


Cole thought giving her baby up for adoption was the best decision, but she still yearned for the child named Sonya. The woman’s life has progressed, but she never had another baby over the years.

Her only experience of motherhood was distant but treasured memories of Sonya. Nearing 100, Cole was sure his chances of meeting his daughter were all but exhausted. However, something unexpected happened.

One of her grandchildren, whom she did not know existed, needed important family documents to visit another country, and he made a startling discovery while looking for the papers.

Stephen Grist. | Source: youtube.com/Toronto Sun


Sonya Grist’s child, Stephen, contacted a family member and asked for his grandmother’s death certificate so he could finalize his application for Austrian citizenship.

The family member replied: “No, you’re not going to find his death certificate.” Stephen was confused, but things started to make sense when he found out Cole was still alive.

She was living in a nursing home in Canada and the news caught her off guard. He said: “It never occurred to us that my grandmother would still be alive.” Stephen waited two weeks, the perfect time, before sharing the news with his mother.


Sonya was speechless and immediately wanted to meet the woman who gave birth to her. She shared, “My first reaction was that I wanted to go see her. I was delighted.

She couldn’t wait to jump on a plane and fly from the UK to Canada. As the days leading up to their meeting drew closer, Sonya couldn’t contain her excitement and she started shaking before she saw her mother for the first time.


Grist’s son learned by chance that his grandmother was aliveleading to a heartbreaking reunion they would cherish forever.

Cole was equally ecstatic, finding out that she would meet her long-lost daughter. It was the best birthday present she could have asked for and meant the world to her. The older woman expressed:

“When I heard I couldn’t believe it. It must be a miracle.”


The couple enjoyed a special party and birthday bash for Cole, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. “I haven’t come down to earth yet,” Sonya said after hugging her mom.

For Cole, reuniting with his child has given him “something to live on for a few more years.” She added:

“I made so many mistakes, and yet she went looking for me and she found me. It was amazing.”

While reading a letter of appreciation, Cole thanked his grandson for making the meeting possible. She said, “Thank you for this opportunity. It means so much to be able to live to see this moment.”


It took more than 80 years for mother and daughter to reunite, and despite the decades apart, they were eager to make up for lost time.

Sonya had many questions, as did her mother, and the couple instantly bonded, getting to know each other. They were meant to meet, and even though it took a lifetime, it was worth it.

Do you think their reunion was a miraculous gift? Please share your opinions with us. Click here for another great reunion story. A mother and child have reunited after 21 years apart, and the moment will have you grabbing your tissues.


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