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Mum rushes to hospital thinking she has kidney stones, gives birth to triplets hours later

When a mother-of-two felt severe pain, she went to the hospital with suspected kidney stones. However, doctors quickly revealed something shocking: the woman was pregnant.

For many women, discovering that they are pregnant is a beautiful moment and a milestone. However, when the news comes as a complete shock, moms-to-be can feel overwhelmed.

A woman was unlucky to be surprised or confused when she learned she was expecting another child in 2019. The revelation came unexpectedly and his incredible story will leave you speechless.

Dannette Giltz. | Source: youtube.com/CBS17


Austin and Dannette Giltz were happy as a family of four, living in Sturgis, South Dakota, and little did they know their lives would change drastically.

Dannette got worried when she got sick and immediately thought it was kidney stones. She says:

“I started having pain in my back and sides. It was like kidney stones [because] I’ve had them once before. I was in so much pain that all I could do was lie in bed and cry. It hurt to move and breathe.”

Dannette and Austin Giltz. | Source: youtube.com/CBS17


The mother went to the emergency room when the pain was too much to bear, and after the tests the doctors announced some shocking news. Dannette was pregnant and she was carrying twins!

The pain the mother felt was actually contractions and medical staff responded quickly as the babies were on the way. Dannette had a C-section without having had time to process the ordeal, and her husband was also stunned.

As soon as he knew that his wife was stable and well, the father began to think of the names of the two new members of his family. He couldn’t believe what had happened, but the surprises weren’t over.

Austin Giltz. | Source: youtube.com/CBS17


The mother explained that the hospital room was quiet, until the doctor suddenly asked for another blanket. Dannette said: “[My husband’s] the reaction is like excuse me, put it back, No, I was told I had twins, I’m not having triplets.

However, the doctor was not kidding, and another baby was ready to be delivered. The family and the rest of the world were stunned that Dannette unknowingly carried triplets. The mother of five said:

“You never see triplets being conceived naturally, let alone go 34 weeks unknowingly. So everyone’s like I can’t believe it, I’m like we’re still in shock, believe me , we know what you mean .

A photo of the triplets. | Source: youtube.com/CBS17


Dannette welcomed a boy and two girls and shared that there was no morning sickness or movement in her stomach throughout the pregnancy.

In the 12 years the couple have been together, they never imagined something so amazing would happen to them. They were unprepared and in disbelief, but not their son Ronnie Giltz.

The youngster revealed that he was waiting for the day when his mother brings home his new siblings. He recalled:

“I once saw a shooting star and I wished for a baby brother, and I wished like two sisters for my baby sister because she always wanted a baby sister, I knew that day would always go come.”

Ronnie Giltz. | Source: youtube.com/CBS17


Austin said his head was exploding and he was “honestly overwhelmed”, but the father was grateful for his growing offspring. He was mainly concerned about the health of his babies and delighted when doctors gave them the all clear.

Having a family of seven could have been an absolute shock, but what was even more surprising to see was the support from community members. Friends, family and complete strangers helped the couple, bringing much-needed supplies.

The small community ensured that the couple and their newborn babies were taken care of, and they were extremely grateful. Dannette shared, “It’s amazing in a small town how many people come together for things you don’t expect.”


A friend of the couple also started a fundraiser on Facebook and raised money for the big family. The woman thanked everyone for their generous donations and said the support made Austin and Dannette feel comfortable.

Users also wished them good luck, and one commenter wrote:

“Congratulations on your precious bundles of joy! May each day be full of surprises and blessings for the gifts you have received are priceless.”

Someone else added: “Holy smokes!!! What a crazy amazing story! My thoughts and prayers are with them all. I wish I had more baby stuff to give them.” Fortunately, the triplets received everything they needed and their story touched many.

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