Nail Artists Share Top 10 Burgundy Nail Polishes



Just when you thought burgundy nail polish had its limits, think again. Sure, it’s usually one of the most requested nail colors for fall, but I like to start releasing my burgundy shades as early as mid-summer (go on me).

It might be a darker color, but it suits everyone, thanks to the different shades it comes in – there’s something for everyone! Some lean more purple, while others fully embrace their red undertones, and some are as bold as they offer a hint of black. Whatever your fancy, this is a color that should be embraced all year round, in my opinion. Nail artists also seem to agree. I asked them what they think are the best burgundy nail polishes of all time, and they had a lot to share.

Ahead, you’ll find their favorite burgundy shades, along with a few of our favorites.


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