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Neighbor surprises 95-year-old veteran for his birthday and he has a sweet reaction


An adorable video has surfaced on TikTok where a young woman surprised a WWII veteran on his birthday. The man had no idea that his neighbor’s kind gesture would go viral in no time and people all over the world would shower him with love.

Willy Bontinck, residing in Belgium, is one of the last veterans of the Second World War. He joined the armed forces as a volunteer at the age of 17 and became a hero for his country. Years later, he is still a hero who receives a lot of love and appreciation from the people around him.

Before serving his country as a soldier in 1944, Bontinck volunteered for the Red Cross because he was too young to fight. He still feels proud of everything he did back then, just like his admirers.

The friendly neighbor

Bontinck’s neighbor, Elien Van den Brande, had made it a ritual to surprise the old man with a cake every year on his birthday. She worked as a photographer and knew him because his studio was near his house.

Brande adored Bontinck and respected him even more after learning he was a veteran. She was a 27-year-old girl who loved to make people smile and had no idea that one of her little gestures would go viral in no time.

The young woman loved posting videos on TikTok. On Bontinck’s 95th birthday, she bought a personalized birthday cake with her picture on it.

She planned a surprise

After buying the cake, Brande went to Bontinck’s and recorded a video on her phone to post on TikTok. She wanted to preserve her neighbor’s reaction to watch later.

Two days later, Brande’s Tiktok video took the internet by storm.

In the video, Brande hands a white-colored cake box to Bontinck, who places it on the dining table. Opening it, he raises his hands in surprise as Brande laughs.

Willy Bontinck. | Source: tiktok.com/elienvandenbrande_

The birthday video

Next, Bontinck poses for the camera with the cake. The video shows how happy he feels after receiving his 95th birthday with his picture on it.

Brande celebrated her neighbor’s birthday and uploaded the TikTok video on December 13, 2022. Little did she know her post would go viral in no time.

Two days later, Brande’s Tiktok video took the internet by storm. People couldn’t help but adore her kind gesture and the way Bontinck’s face lit up after seeing her birthday cake. They flooded the comments section with messages of support and shared the video with their friends.

She did not expect that

After the video went viral, Brande’s TikTok followers jumped to 12,000. She was surprised and said she had no intention of going viral. She made the video for herself and uploaded it to TikTok, expecting it to get as much attention as her other videos.

Meanwhile, netizens also wanted to send Bontinck gifts, and Brande said she would deliver them to the old man’s house. She was delighted to see how people showed Bontinck so much love and affection.

“I get messages from the BBC and agencies,” Brande said. She confessed that reading these messages was surprising because she had never sought to gain popularity.

He was happy

A few days later, she uploaded another video for Bontinck’s admirers, telling the old man that his video had gone viral on the internet. She showed him some comments that made him smile. He said:

“Oh, it’s beautiful!”

Brande said her elderly friend has a Facebook account, but she thinks he could also join TikTok. We hope the couple will continue to do great things together.

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