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Newborn kisses dad: Viral TikTok video shows 3-week-old surprise dad in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey — A New Jersey dad was surprised and delighted during a particularly adorable hug with his newborn baby girl.

Footage shared by Tabitha Coakley shows her baby girl Ava, then 3 weeks old, lying on her father’s chest.

After her father kisses her on the cheek, Ava shocks and excites him – reaching out to return the favor!

“Oh my God! I get it!” Coakley can be heard screaming in the video, which was recorded on July 27.

The adorable moment has been trending for weeks and has been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok.

“I can’t believe Ava actually did this,” the TikTok caption read.

Coakley also posted the video to Instagram with another caption, “My beautiful hearts.”

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