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4:23 p.m., April 29, 2023

In front of more than 58,000 spectators at Twickenham, a record attendance for a women’s rugby match, and despite a formidable second half, the XV of France did not create the feat against the English and lost 38- 33. The XV of the Rose achieves the grand slam and wins the Six Nations Tournament for the fifth time in a row.

If the match had lasted even five more minutes, Les Bleues could have managed to deprive the English of a fifth consecutive Six Nations Tournament. In front of the 58,491 spectators at Twickenham, a record attendance for a women’s rugby match, the XV of France came within a hair’s breadth of a formidable comeback after a nightmarish first period at the end of which they were however 33 points behind. The players of Gaëlle Mignot and David Ortiz ultimately lost 38-33, but were able to honor their status as the second best team on the Old Continent.

Five tricolor tries in the second half

In this “final” for the title, between the only two undefeated teams in the competition, the Habs will certainly regret these first 15 minutes of sterile domination during the contained course they were able to invest the British camp, even going so far as to miss the opening of the score on legitimate. Meanwhile, the opposing steamroller was slowly but surely getting up and running. After this delicate start, Simon Middleton’s players then developed their rugby, tormenting the XV of France on each attack. At the break, the score is heavy: 33-0 for the English against the French handicapped by two yellow cards.

But the second period was that of a burst of pride for the Blues. With five tries scored, they almost came back from the devil-vauvert and were able to cast doubt on a British team that seemed untouchable. If hooker Lark Davies quickly responded to Gabrielle Vernier’s try in the 56th minute, the French then hit the mark three times through Charlotte Escudero (66th), Emeline Gros (76th) and Cyrielle Banet (80th). ). What failed only five small units of the English who somehow confirm their supremacy in the world of female ovality.


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