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‘Normal mother’ of 6, Madonna calls TV ‘trash’, bans magazines and newspapers from home and visits galleries with children


Madonna is a pop icon and one of the best performers in the world. She may create sensational hits for her fans, but to her children she is a strict and normal mother. Madonna has rules her children must follow, including not reading magazines and newspapers.

Pop sensation Madonna, also known as the Queen of Pop, created several hits as a singer and songwriter, but she took her time with childbearing and began embracing motherhood in her 50s.

The singer chose not to have her children in her prime and only became pregnant with her first child, Lourdes Leon, in 1996. She met her father, Carlos Leon, in 1994, but their relationship became rocky in 1995, leading Madonna to change her locks. New York apartment.

Madonna in New York in 2010. | Source: Getty Images

Just before the singer was about to split from Carlos, she found out she was pregnant, but the two remained on good terms and co-parented peacefully.

Even though Madonna took her time with the children, she had always known that she was destined to be a mother and that motherhood would bring her unimaginable healing as she lost her mother at age six.

After welcoming her first child, Madonna knew she wanted to have another, but she was still affected by some of her past decisions like terminating her pregnancy at a young age, which made her wonder if she would have what it takes to be a good parent.

Madonna in New York in 2016. |  Source: Getty Images

Madonna in New York in 2016. | Source: Getty Images

However, in 1998 she met Guy Ritchie, a well-known director, and in 2000 they welcomed a son, Rocco, who was also Madonna’s last biological child.

Since the singer got pregnant at a later age, she admitted that her pregnancy with her newest child was not easy and even described getting pregnant as a big joke God played on women.

Although she didn’t mind having a bigger family, she didn’t want to go through emotional turmoil again for nine months, but someone presented a way to expand her reach while making a difference.

Madonna revealed that she was approached by a woman who lives in Malawi. She reminded the singer of all her charity work for children, such as writing children’s books and donating to charity.

The woman made the singer realize how to make her voice and passion for children heard and seen when adopting a child, especially as Malawi was experiencing a state of emergency for orphaned children due to AIDS.

The idea was one the singer couldn’t swoon over; it became a new focus and passion for Madonna; she said, “once I experienced what was happening firsthand, I just got sucked into it all.”

The “Material Girl” singer was grateful for the meaningful experience and connection she had created and the opportunity to change children’s lives.

In 2006, she and Ritchie adopted their son David. Madonna. She said: “I will never forget meeting my son, David. If I could have, I would have adopted ten more children. There are so many who need parents, and one is more beautiful and charming than the other.”

After welcoming David, Madonna added Mercy, who was born in Malawi in 2006 after settling her divorce from Ritchie. Her request was reportedly denied at first, but eventually Madonna was able to bring Mercy home on June 12, 2009; she also welcomed the twins Estere and Stella.

The application process in Malawi is not easy; it requires adoptive parents to live in the country for 18 months and become residents.

Although Madonna acknowledges that the adoption journey is emotional and complicated, she said it was worth it. Now she can enjoy “Moana” with her twin daughters and it’s the happiest moment of her life.

Madonna as protective mother

Madonna’s $6.5 million Beverly Hills home was filled with works by renowned artists like Picasso, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

But when her daughter Lourdes was six, she became one of the artists in the house, although she was not entirely on board with the way her child expressed herself.

The singer revealed that Lourdes once spilled black paint on the carpet. Even though Madonna was frustrated, she realized there was nothing she could do about it, but the paint splatter wasn’t pretty.

Madonna also confessed that she was more disciplined between herself and Ritchie, but her busy schedule didn’t always allow her to be there.

But the singer said he had improved even though she clarified that she would have fired him as a father if he hadn’t rolled up his socks because she couldn’t be a tough mother on her own .

The “Hung Up” star continued to protect her children even when she and Ritchie co-parented. She reportedly wrote down a long list of do’s and don’ts when the children visited her in London.

Madonna demanded that her children not read newspapers, watch DVDs or television. They must adhere to an organic and vegetarian diet; even the water had to be of a specific brand.

Even their clothes weren’t supposed to be made of synthetic fibers, so the kids were only allowed to wear the clothes that Madonna had packed for them. Not to mention that children must be disinfected whenever they are in public spaces.

The singer also didn’t want her children introduced to any of Ritchie’s friends or anyone she was attracted to after their separation.

She clarified that her split from Richie shouldn’t be discussed with the kids and that she wanted three to four check-in calls with the kids. Then at bedtime, David should read the English Rose books written by Madonna.

Madonna being a music icon and a normal mother

Madonna is an iconic singer to the public, but she’s just a normal mother to her children. Her Instagram was a mix of out-of-this-world photos and normal photos of her kids swimming.

Madonna performing in New York in 2021. |  Source: Getty Images

Madonna performing in New York in 2021. | Source: Getty Images

But one thing she likes to teach her children is to appreciate their privilege. The singer traveled with her children to Malawi, where she adopted them and said they were exposed to children with significant health issues and from low-income backgrounds.

Luckily, Madonna’s lessons were absorbed quite easily by her children. when they arrived home, they thanked her for their life and expressed their gratitude for their privilege. Another question the singer was asked about was how she balances her rebellious musical side with motherhood.

She said that whenever she recorded a song that might not be good for children’s ears, she would tell them to wait, but her children don’t even realize what an iconic performer she is; they just want her to be a normal mother.

Nevertheless, Madonna confessed that she was a strict mother. For example, she does not allow her children to get tattoos or piercings until they turn 18.

But when she’s off duty, she leaves her weird clothes at home and attends parent-teacher meetings in ordinary outfits that won’t attract any attention.

It seems Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes, is taking inspiration from her mother’s fashion sense. She once said her style at 13 was horrible, but she’s always loved fashion, especially the 80s style that’s coming back in style.

The Queen of Pop is strict about very specific things in her household; for example, magazines, newspapers, and television are banned because Madonna believes they negatively affect her children’s development.

She reasoned, “Television is trash. I was raised without it; I didn’t miss a thing. Television is poison. No one even talks about it here. We don’t have any magazines or newspapers at home.”

Another thing the mother of six wouldn’t tolerate was her kids leaving clothes on the floor. Madonna doesn’t tolerate careless behavior, so when her kids don’t tuck their clothes away neatly in their closets, she takes them away until they learn how to take care of them.

In addition, the singer does not allow her children to have phones until they reach a certain age. Her eldest daughter didn’t get her first iPhone until she was 15.

But Madonna giving her kids a phone doesn’t mean she won’t take it back; she once took it away from her son Rocco because she believed it affected his studies.

David is 17 and Mercy is 16, but they also had to wait their turn to get phones, even though their friends already had smartphones.

When her daughter Lourdes was young, Madonna said she wouldn’t let her start dating until she was 18, but soon realized she couldn’t control every aspect of their lives. .

When Lourdes started dating actor Timothee Chalamet at the age of 16, Madonna let her go on a date but on the condition that she have a bodyguard watching everything.

Like most parents, Madonna doesn’t compromise on education. She is very strict about homework, and if she ever gets into trouble, she reminds her children that there are people in the world who yearn to go to school, so they must relish the opportunity to get an education.

However, Madonna doesn’t just set rules in her house, she also does fun activities with her kids like seeing a Van Gogh exhibit. She also once shared a photo with Mercy, Stella and Estere of her daughters after watching their piano recital and expressed how proud she was of her daughters.

The singer has raised children of whom she is proud and protects them at every stage of their life, but her goal is to lead them on the path to success and happiness.

Madonna’s kids don’t think she’s cool

You’d think having a mother who is one of the best performers, even at 64, would be considered cool and iconic. However, when Madonna visited “The Jimmy Fallon Show,” they loved all the cool encounters he had had with the singer. Fallon said she was among the people who first kissed him on both cheeks.

The host also recalled meeting Madonna leaving a party early, and when he asked why she said she had jury duty, something that seemed impossible for someone so famous. what.

The singer confessed that her fame knocked her out of jury duty; she was told to leave because she had caused too much disruption in court.

As much as Fallon might find it iconic, Madonna confessed that her kids never think she’s cool enough and remind her daily how uncool she is, followed by another reminder not to be basic.

The singer showed up to “The Jimmy Fallon Show” looking nothing like the base; she worked Mochino mash tights, a black bomber jacket with gold-embroidered gold dollar signs, and a black t-shirt underneath. She accessorized it with many heavy gold chains and topped it with grilles.

Madonna has shared a rare photo of herself and her six children celebrating the holidays at her $15 million apartment in New York City. Her children are not between 26 and 10 years old and the singer expressed her gratitude for each of them.


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