NRL Parramatta v Warriors | Clint Gutherson vomits after a blow from Marcelo Montoya

Parramatta captain Clint Gutherson had to taste his lunch again after a bad collision with Marcelo Montoya.

Gutherson spent a full minute catching his breath after the massive blow in the Eels’ 28-18 win over the Warriors.

Gutherson drove a pass from Mitchell Moses deep into Warriors territory, then passed the ball, which went into touch.

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But no sooner had the Eels full-back released the ball than he was crushed by Montoya tearing from his wing.

The clash left him on all fours, before throwing up on the surface at CommBank Stadium.

Even those in the Nine comment box grimaced.

Andrew Johns was sensitive to Gutherson’s fate.

“It’s the hits you don’t see coming and you’re relaxed, as you can see…talk about catching an up-and-under,” he said.

Gutherson said he didn’t know what was coming back.

“Montoya got me completely on the wing. I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds, but I got up,” he said.

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“I don’t know what was coming, but I feel fine now. I’m a really big spitter no matter what I do…my throat is going to hurt later.”

After sucking up the big players in back play for about a minute, Gutherson kept playing and even scored in the 56th minute.

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