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Oh, his last day after being fired, the gardener finds jewelry in an earthen pot next to the boss’s house – Story of the day

Jacob worked as a gardener and tried to raise money for his sick mother. His boss’s daughter, Lucy, was a nice girl who wanted to help him, so she talked to her father. Her father thought Jacob cheated on his daughter and fired him, but Jacob discovered something shocking on his last day at work.

“Mom, everything will be fine. I’m getting more and more jobs, thanks to this project with Mr. Barnes, and we’re going to get the money for you, the medicine and everything you need,” assured Jacob to his mother. on the phone. She had called him, interrupting her work at Mr. Barnes, but he always answered in an emergency.

As he put his phone back in his pocket after saying goodbye to his mother, he discovered that Mr. Barnes’ daughter, Lucy, was standing right next to him. She was 12 and surprisingly nice, considering she was born into enormous wealth in Connecticut.

Jacob went back to work and noticed that Lucy was right there. | Source: Pexel

“Hey Jacob,” she said, her hands behind her back as she rocked her body back and forth.

The piece of dirt looked brand new as if someone had worked on it the night before, but that made no sense.

“Hey, Lucy. How are you today? I’m planting the roses your father said you wanted for this area today,” he told her with a smile.

“Do you need money for something? Lucy said, ignoring what he had just told her.

Jacob nodded reluctantly. “Yes, my mother is sick. But this job will totally help us, and your garden will be the prettiest in the neighborhood.”

Lucy asked him about her mother’s phone conversation, and he told her that everything was fine. | Source: Pexel

Lucy nodded with pursed lips and changed the subject back to gardening.

The next day, Jacob arrived at work and was greeted by a red-faced Mr. Barnes, his expression full of anger. “You! You tricked my daughter into asking me for money! How dare you, you worthless man!” the older businessman yelled at him.

Jacob raised his hands in defense. “No, sir. I’ve never done that. I swear! I would never do that!”

But Mr. Barnes wouldn’t hear it. He shook his head, pointed his finger at Jacob, and said, “I want you to finish today’s work because you left a horrible patch of dirt on the side of the house.” But it’s your last day here! You understand ? asked the older man.

Mr. Barnes fired him and told him to fix a pot of dirt on the side of the house as it was his last day on the job. | Source: Pexel

Jacob could only nod in shock, and Mr. Barnes walked away, still angry with him. Jacob walked into the shed with hunched shoulders, lamenting that he had just lost one of the highest paid gigs he had ever had. He hadn’t gotten halfway with the project, and now he wouldn’t have enough for his mother’s treatment.

He wished Lucy had never said anything, but she was a nice young girl who only wanted to help. It wasn’t his fault. He grabbed his tools from the shed and inspected that patch of land Mr. Barnes was talking about, though he didn’t remember starting the section.

The piece of dirt looked brand new as if someone had worked on it the night before, but that made no sense. He was sure he hadn’t touched anything in that area. Yesterday it was all about Lucy’s roses a few yards away.

The patch of dirt looked freshly dug, and it was odd because Jacob hadn’t worked on it the night before. | Source: Pexel

He started digging around in the dirt, thinking it might be a dog hiding something, then his hand hit a hard surface. He pulled his hand back in shock, then grabbed the shovel and dug. The clicking he heard indicated that something metallic had been buried there, and he knelt down to uncover the items.

Jacob was surprised when he pulled out a golden chalice from the ground, followed by an antique clock and several jewels. He was inspecting the objects when a huge bellow sounded behind him.

“HOW DID YOU STOLE THIS? DID YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE AND TAKE OUR STUFF? Oh my god, even my grandmother’s jewelry! I’m calling 911 immediately, you worthless thief!” Mr. Barnes screamed and turned, presumably to grab the phone, but Lucy rushed out.

Lucy came out and told her dad the whole truth about the objects in the dirt. | Source: Pexel

” NOPE ! FATHER ! NOPE ! I buried them there! she revealed, shocking both adults.

“Don’t try to defend him, Lucy. He’s a thief! scolded her father, still angry but lowering his voice for the little girl.

“I’m not defending anyone. When you told me last night that his money problems weren’t our problems, I took a few things. We don’t need them, but they could really help the mother of Jacob!” Lucy moaned, starting to cry.

As Mr Barnes was shocked by his daughter’s confession, Jacob spoke up. “Sir, I swear I never told or begged your daughter for anything, and I wouldn’t have kept those items either. I just discovered them because you told me about that jar of earth.”

Jacob got more work in the neighborhood and was able to get his mother treated. | Source: Pexel

The older man looked at Jacob and nodded, though it was obvious he was in shock at everything. But later he checked the security cameras and saw that his daughter had indeed buried the items late last night. He apologized to Jacob for his outburst and allowed him to keep his job.

To make up for his actions, the businessman told several of his friends about Jacob and the quality of his work. This led to more job opportunities for Jacob in their affluent neighborhood, which eventually earned him enough to pay for the treatments his mother needed.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never judge a person on their social status or profession. Mr. Barnes grew suspicious of Jacob when Lucy begged for money for him and assumed her gardener had stolen some jewels from him. But he was wrong and ended up apologizing.
  • Children have a simpler, kinder view of the world than most adults. Lucy couldn’t understand why her father was so angry when she only wanted to help. This is because children can view the world naively and with a pure heart.

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