One-Stop Food Tour at Rosetta Hall in Boulder

These days, it’s impossible to find a restaurant that everyone in the group can agree on. One wants tacos, the next wants pad thai, someone is allergic to peanuts, and the last is vegan. Finding a local spot that ticks all the boxes is like trying to find your friends after a concert at Red Rocks – impossible. Fortunately, Boulder Rosetta Room is the ray of hope you are looking for. With plenty of indoor dining experiences, Rosetta Hall guarantees delicious, quality cuisine that will please everyone.

The entrance faces the bustle of downtown Boulder; coffee connoisseurs can sip and socialize at the horseshoe-shaped coffee bar while watching Boulder Street life. The music drowns out the echoes of conversations between bosses, patiently awaiting notification of “Yesour food is ready. Head to the counter » on their phones. Cocktail servers glide between the tables, serving trays of Garden Spritz ($12) and Nordic Flower ($13).

A quick climb of a flight of stairs takes you to arguably the most stunning rooftop bar Boulder has to offer. With a more seaside approach to the downstairs aesthetic, the rooftop commands attention and it’s rare to find an open table on weekends. Treat yourself to some Tacos Carne Asada (9.50) while soaking up the Colorado heat on the rear lounge beds.

Photo courtesy of Rosetta Hall Via Facebook

Rosetta Hall is known for its relaxed yet elevated atmosphere. Each restaurant in the food hall has the same exterior aesthetic, reflecting a clean and refined look. Diners gather around large tables inside the venue, surrounded by Colorado’s brightest chefs preparing their next best meal. Although there is a manager who oversees the establishment, the executive chefs focus on two concepts in the restaurant, ensuring that each stall operates at its best, while maintaining fair salaries for all staff. The team behind Rosetta Hall understands the importance of respecting everyone they employ.

Rosetta Hall offers some of the best Happy Hour deals, allowing you to try more of the menu each time you visit. The Taiwanese Fried Chicken ($7.00 HH) packed with flavor and crunch and strikes the perfect balance between refreshing and satisfying. While it’s easy to become attached to one item in the lobby, each restaurant is unique in that you can try something new from a different culture every time you go. The chefs prepare everything they can in-house and source as many local ingredients as possible. This Food Hall has the local community intertwined in every part of their business, down to the smallest ingredient.

Although Rosetta Hall seems to have it all, the company always wants to move forward and improve. As of July 1, the hall presented Chameleon: a changing stand, highlighting specific cuisines. This gives chefs the opportunity to maintain the modern look of the restaurant and broaden their horizons in the culinary world. This month, Chameleon opens as a Peruvian stand selling popular dishes like Lomo Saltado ($16) and Arroz Con Pato ($21). With the menu also changing seasonally, there will always be something you crave at Rosetta Hall.

Live music plays every Tuesday, and DJs fill the first floor on Fridays and Saturdays in an attempt to expose audiences to up-and-coming artists and create a big-club atmosphere, according to their website. Rosetta Hall really has it all. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick drink or celebrating a birthday, Rosetta Hall can cater for any occasion.

Rosetta Room is located at 1109 Walnut St, Boulder. It is open Monday-Wednesday (11am-11pm), Thu-Sat (11 a.m. – 1 a.m.) and Sun (11 a.m. – 10 p.m.). Gracia Coffee opens from 7:30 a.m. and the kitchen closes at 9:45 p.m.

All photographs are by Adrienne Thomas, unless otherwise noted.


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