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One year later: ERA is more urgent than ever



A year ago to the day, following the Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court continued to show a limited and regressive view of the rights conferred by our Constitution. It has also become clearer that opponents of equality in Congress will continue to manipulate the government to promote the second-class status of women and gender/sexual minorities in America.

Currently, abortion is either illegal or severely regulated in at least 15 states. We are now witnessing the disastrous consequences of this reproductive crisis, which negatively impacts the lives of women, girls and people who can become pregnant with physical and mental burdens that ripple through generations, especially for people of color.

Statements from some of the partner organizations of the ERA Coalition include:

Labor Council for the Advancement of Latin America (LCLAA):

Today, we also honor the strength and resilience of Latina workers, and we remember the impact of the Dobbs’ decision and acknowledge our continued struggle for bodily autonomy.

Mientras commemorating the anniversary of the decision of Dobbs, recognize that los derechos reproductivos impactan las comunidades latinas de manera disproportionada. Al apoyar la #ERANow, podemos luchar por el acceso equitativo a la atención médica yguarantee que se escuchen todas las voces. #ERAparaTodos #ERAAfterRoe

El aniversario de la decisión de Dobbs nos recuerda la urgency de proteger los derechos reproductives de todos, incluidas nuestras hermanas latinas. Al adoptar los principios de #ERANow, podemos crear una sociedad donde las voces latinas son valoradas y respected. #ERAAfterRoe

So on this important day, we must also center the experiences of Latina individuals in the struggle for reproductive justice.

Muslims for progressive values:

Moreover, the prohibition of the right to choose to have a safe and accessible abortion eliminates an individual’s bodily autonomy and control over their sexual and reproductive decisions, rights mandated to Muslim women by the Koran. Restricting the right to choose directly violates the beliefs of many Muslims that women hold God-given power over their bodies and that the well-being, health and well-being of a mother and a pregnant woman are paramount. first of all :

In the Holy Quran, “no soul shall be coerced beyond its capacity, neither the mother made to suffer for the child, nor the father for his offspring” (Quran 2:233), as a reminder that God only wishes ease for us and this ease cannot be found without bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom.

National Partnership for Women and Families:

Because of #Dobbs, thousands of pregnant women were unable to have abortions last year, with significant negative consequences for their lives, projects, health and economic security.

As a result, pregnant women are more concerned than ever about the privacy of their personal health information and face heightened risks of criminalization – especially black women and other women of color.

Today, to mark one year after #Dobbs, new data from @NPWF shows that 36.2 million women of childbearing age live in states that have banned or are likely to ban #abortion – including 15 .4 million are women of color.

Protect my care:

TN families deserve better than our laws allow. Last years #SCOTUS #Dobbs decision and the law on the protection of human life that followed harmed our patients. Physicians, patients and constituents in the health sector lament the erosion of our personal freedoms.

Strike for America:

The current reproductive crisis takes a heavy toll on the lives of women and girls, leaving behind a trail of physical and mental burdens that reverberate through generations. This crisis disproportionately affects women of color. It was never about saving lives. It’s about power and control.


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