Our beauty team reviews Anastasia Beverly Hills products

“I’m not going to lie, I’m usually not one to do a five minute face. Either you’ll find me made up with like 20 products that took about an hour to apply, or you’ll find me completely bare face with just a little moisturizer and a quick curl of my lashes and a comb through of my brows. That said, brows, blush, and glowy skin are definitely my MO, so I kept it simple for this essay.

“First I’m going to talk about the Stick Cream Blush (which I tried in Pink Dhalia) because it was my favorite. I usually prefer the powder blushes because I feel like they have more longevity and I have more control when applying them, but this one is lovely: the deep pink color is exactly what I love and the formula itself was lightweight, but blendable and pigmented enough to pop and shine. stay put on my face (I feel like so many creams mysteriously evaporate into thin air!).

“Then there was the Dewy Set Setting Spray which I also loved! I’m definitely in the pro-set spray camp, and this one was refreshing and light, and it did a great job of setting my makeup and sort of fusing my products together for a dewy, flattering result. I could do without the coconut-vanilla scent (I don’t like scented products sitting on my face), but I still plan on keeping this one- this in my routine.

“Finally, Brow Freeze. I’m so sorry, but I think I might be the only one in the world who doesn’t like this product. I’m the most minimal person when it comes to my brows. I hate gels to eyebrows unless it is a particular clear formula which I will only sometimes use if I really feel like I really need it, and it was just too sticky and heavy for me. I’m much happier combing my brows and leaving them for the low maintenance makeup days, and for the days I do a full face I’ll stick to my brow pencil and clear gel lightly held.”


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