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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne share a passionate kiss in a birthday photo after welcoming their first grandchild together



Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne, 1982 | Ozzy Osbourne and his grandson, 2022 | Source: Instagram.com/seecreature | Instagram.com/ozzyosbourne

  • Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne celebrated their last wedding anniversary by sharing sweet messages on social media.
  • The famous couple were parents to three children, one of whom welcomed his first grandchild months before his birthday.

On July 4, 2023, Sharon, 70, and Ozzy Osbourne, 74, took to their Instagram accounts to celebrate their forty-first wedding anniversary. The couple honored each other on July 4, also US Independence Day, by sharing love messages and pictures.

The talk show host uploaded a cute photo of her and her hubby that shows how in love they were still as they shared a kiss in a swimming pool before wishing him a happy birthday. In the image, she was wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat and black sunglasses.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at the Pre-Grammy & Grammy Tribute to Industry Icons Gala Honoring Sean “Diddy” Combs on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

Her husband’s gray hair was tied in a small bun on his head and he appeared to be topless. The star revealed that she carries Ozzy’s heart in her heart all the time, while the rock star paid tribute to his wife by sharing their July 4, 1982 wedding photos and wrote:

“Happy Birthday my love!”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at the Ozzy and Corey Taylor Special Announcement on May 12, 2016 in Hollywood, California |  Source: Getty Images

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne at the Ozzy and Corey Taylor Special Announcement on May 12, 2016 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

When the pair first met, Sharon was 18 and her father ran Ozzy’s band Black Sabbath. After getting married in 1982, the famous duo welcomed three children, daughters Aimee and Kelly and their only son Jack.

However, the talk show host also became stepmother to her husband’s children, Jessica and Louis, who were from his previous marriage to Thelma Riley, a retired teacher. Sharon and Ozzy’s wedding anniversary was celebrated months after another milestone.

How Ozzy and Sharon welcomed their first grandson

In May 2022, Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter Kelly announced via Instagram that she was pregnant by posting an image of herself holding an ultrasound. Although Kelly didn’t reveal her due date, in November 2022, fans believed she had welcomed her child after seeing her cryptic message on Instagram Story, where she wrote:

The rock star’s daughter went silent on social media after that. Then in January 2023, Sharon shared how her daughter gave birth to her first child and their first grandchild, whom she shared with her musician boyfriend, Sid Wilson.

The talk show host revealed the news while appearing on “The Talk.” The excited grandmother also announced that her new grandson’s name was Sidney, after his famous father, before noting that Kelly would not allow the photo exposure of the child.

Ozzy’s wife also said she was very proud of her daughter. DJ Slipknot’s girlfriend initially tried to keep her baby’s gender a secret, but on October 3, 2022, she told the press that her dad had already told everyone because of his “excitement “!

A month after the birth of Sidney Jr., Kelly, 38, was seen with her baby.

The former “Fashion Police” host even noted how Ozzy accidentally shared the news with the press and urged those who wanted answers to check out his interviews. She said he also did an interview when she was outside the door and he had to tell her to “‘shut up!'”

The month before, Kelly revealed she knew something was wrong when she entered the third trimester of her pregnancy. The star recalled urging her doctor to take a closer look at some of the symptoms she was experiencing during her pregnancy.

Ozzy’s daughter had suffered from unusual fatigue, rapid weight gain and swollen ankles. Ahead of National Sugar Free Day on Oct. 3, the TV personality revealed that her doctors diagnosed her with gestational diabetes.

Sharon’s second child admitted she blamed herself at first but had to accept it was out of her control as it only happened during her third trimester. Fortunately, she managed the disease through early detection and her baby boy was born healthy and strong.

Besides Sidney Jr., Ozzy and his wife were also grandparents to three granddaughters whom their son, Jack, welcomed with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. In July 2022, Jack had a fourth addition to his family with his then-fiancée Aree Gearhart.

A month after the birth of Sidney Jr., Kelly, 38, was seen with her baby while out with a friend at a mothers and newborns group meeting in Los Angeles. Ozzy and Sharon may adore their grandson and celebrate their final wedding anniversary after overcoming addiction, betrayal and attempted murder.



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