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Packers fan sells party bus called ‘The Big Cheese’

Wearing a suit and crown to Packers games, Jason Mercier is nicknamed the “King in the North.”

He’s a huge Packers fan.

Photo: Jason Mercier

“I can remember [being] 2 or 3 years, cheering for the Packers,” said Mercier, who lives in Menominee County, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula (UP)

Mercier sells a rolling Packers history lesson – a party bus named “The Big Cheese”.

“It’s a 1990 bus, bought from a brother-in-law duo in Green Bay last year, they used it for tailgates for about 25 years,” Mercier said.

king in the north

Photo: Jason Mercier

The bus, with an asking price of $14,000, seats 14 people, Mercier said, as well as a bar, built-in cooler and restrooms.

“…[A]”all the bells and whistles” of a man cave, Mercier said.

“Mine just happens to be mobile.”


Matt Kohls/WGBA

When asked why he was selling the bus, Mercier said one of the reasons was his family; he is focused on college money for his son from high school.

“…I’m trying to eliminate some of my expenses and overhead,” Mercier said.

Mercier said he took designated driver trips with the bus after buying it last year, taking UP fans to Green Bay for Packers games.

“I filled up last year,” said Mercier.

“I also do weddings and bachelor parties and things like that.”

Mercier hopes to travel to England this year for the Packers game in London, and said the trip is more likely for him if he sells the bus; he could also take his son.

“If I have [money] stay, I absolutely want to take my son and I to this game, ”said Mercier.

“The opportunity of a lifetime.”


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