Phil Murphy pushes bipartisanship as he takes over as NGA leader

“I don’t expect that in the next year any of us will take off our hats as ‘Democrats’ or ‘Republicans’.” In fact, I know we each wear those hats and the respective underlying ideals they espouse — with great pride,” Murphy said, according to prepared remarks. “But I ask that we make an effort to look under those hats — and into each other’s faces — and recognize that we are supporters third, governors second, and Americans first.”

Murphy’s wife, Tammy Murphy, will also serve as chair of the NGA Governors Spouse Program in an effort to “eliminate our nation’s maternal and child health crisis,” an issue she champions in New Jersey. .

As president of the NGA, Murphy said he would make addressing the mental health needs of young people his primary initiative.

The “four fundamental pillars” of the initiative will focus on “prevention and building resilience, raising awareness and reducing stigma, access and affordability of quality treatment and care, and the training and support for caregivers and educators,” his office said.

A spokesperson for Murphy did not immediately respond to questions about how he would lead the initiative or any specific policy proposals he is promoting.

Murphy said he plans to “leverage innovative funding” to help strengthen the mental health workforce and reduce stigma by pledging to “support [struggling youth] with access through education, helplines and needed public services centered on empathy,” according to his prepared remarks.


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