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Prince Charles acknowledged his performance in ‘The Crown’

As much as the royals like to say they’re not interested in The crown, Netflix’s fictional saga about their lives, Prince Charles finally admitted he was at least familiar with how the show portrayed his youth. Due to Classes they look at him. Is not it? I know I would.

Anyway, a Scottish politician by the name of Anas Sarwar said, according to the Daily mail, that when he first met Charles, the current heir to the throne introduced himself as follows: “Hello, nice to meet you all. I’m far from how they describe me on Netflix. Sarwar added, “I thought that was a really interesting way to describe you.” Perhaps ironically for the prince, the incredible awkwardness in social situations is pretty much exactly how he’s portrayed on Netflix, as played by Josh O’Connor.


I (obviously) don’t have a personal relationship with Prince Charles, so I can neither confirm nor deny either way. But I believe this is the first time that Charles has positively confirmed that he has seen the series, which features his first relationship with Princess Diana as well as his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Season 4 ends with the character of Prince Charles venting all his anger on Diana in a nasty fight that portrays the prince at his absolute worst – so it’s no wonder the real Prince Charles prefers to be seen as, well, not like this.

But no member of the royal family who admitted to seeing The crown ever gave the show major points for perfect accuracy. The most that can be said came from Prince Harry, who told James Corden (via People), “It gives you a rough idea of ​​that lifestyle, and the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else, and what can come of that.”

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