Priorities USA Action spends $2 million to target youth with voter registration ads



Priorities USA Action, a leading Democratic super PAC, is rolling out a $2 million digital ad buy this fall focused on voter registration — specifically targeting voters under 34.

The digital ads, details of which were first shared with POLITICO, will look similar to content seen on TikTok and other social media platforms. The ads will run on Facebook, Instagram and Hulu through October, targeting younger voters who may have let their voter registration information expire. They will air in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada, a list of states that offer both competitive congressional races and gubernatorial races.

The ad buy is part of the super PAC’s $30 million spending commitment ahead of the November midterms, investments that will go exclusively to digital ads. Priorities USA followed suit in 2018, spending more than $50 million on digital ads, after Democrats spent heavily online during the 2016 presidential campaign.



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