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Priyanka Chopra Debuted Fluffy Blonde and Ultra Long Hair Just in Time for Fall – Photos

There’s nothing quite like the start of a new season to kick off a new look – just see Priyanka Chopra for excellent proof. The actor stepped out in New York on Wednesday, Sept. 21, sporting a brand new haircut. His broad smile (appropriately) said it all.

Swapping out her long bob (or lob as it’s colloquially known) for long, super straight lengths and skimming the waist, Chopra’s hair looked shiny, healthy and, well, expensive. Probably the work of some stealthy hair extensions, the new style showed off its caramel highlights and rustled in the evening light.

The cozy blonde color is totally on trend for fall. “Cosy blonde is a term used to describe a very low maintenance approach to being a blonde,” said Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hair extension artist and Wella color expert. Charm. “The look embraces more depth in the hair with low lights and strategic placement of lighter blonde shades, allowing for a low-maintenance blonde that works for all seasons.”



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