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Professional golfer Travis Wadkins laughed like ‘the Joker’ after assaulting Dallas officers, police say

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas native and professional golfer Travis Wadkins is charged with assaulting two police officers during his Aug. 2 arrest for public intoxication.

It all started after Wadkins allegedly began acting violently toward workers at the Terrelli restaurant on Greenville Avenue on Tuesday night.

Police were called and when they showed up, they found Wadkins drunk and rambling, according to police records. They arrested him without incident and headed to the city detention center.

That’s when things got out of hand, according to police records.

As officers treated Wadkins, he allegedly said “Yeah” and then kicked an officer so hard it tore the ligament, dislocating his kneecap. He also reportedly spat at another officer.

According to police records, Wadkins “showed no remorse” and then began laughing like “The Joker” in a mocking manner.

After the violent exchange, officers restrained, then transported Wadkins from the detention center and placed him inside a police cruiser. He was then transported to Lew Sterrett prison.

This officer he punched required surgery to repair his left knee, but is expected to recover.


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