PSG picks up the Ligue 1 thread with Mbappé and Neymar, while waiting for Messi



In the lead before the 16th day of Ligue 1 with five points ahead of its runner-up, Lens, and ten over Rennes, third, Paris Saint-Germain makes its big comeback on Wednesday at 9 p.m. to face Strasbourg. The Parisians had an ideal first part of the season, during which they remained undefeated and only conceded two draws.

Messi, in Argentina to celebrate his title of world champion at least “until January 1”, should not miss the Parisians too much, especially since they could count on Mbappé and Neymar, “available for tomorrow’s match “said the Parisian coach on Tuesday at a pre-match press conference.

Mbappé holder?

Mbappé could even start, having already surprised by returning to training only after the World Cup final, won by Argentina against France (3-3, 4 tab to 2). His teammate and friend Achraf Hakimi, eliminated in the semi-finals with Morocco, had imitated him.

“We made sure to manage on a case-by-case basis, revealed Galtier. After talking with him, Kylian wanted to join us fairly quickly. That does not mean that there will not be, both for ( Achraf) Hakimi and Kylian (Mbappé), a time when they will have to recover, not especially physically but mentally.”

“Want to come back quickly”

From there to risk that the globalists bless themselves?

“I don’t think so, replies Galtier. There was the desire to come back quickly, to chain the two games. From the moment they are physically and mentally well, we had no reason to deprive ourselves of the quality of our two players, who are important for the team.”

If Mbappé, who no doubt wishes to evacuate the disappointment of the World Cup, could be a starter, Neymar should start on the bench. The Brazil leader had suffered a sprained ankle during the group stage of the World Cup. “When he came back, he worked inside and immediately afterwards he worked outside without restrictions, Galtier proved, however. Physically, his ankle is fine. Mentally, he a great desire to play.”

“The Best Medicine”

For Mbappé as for Neymar, who were aiming for the supreme title with their selection in Qatar, the disillusion is immense. Ligue 1 could then serve as an outlet for them. “There is no better remedy than coming back to your club, there is a very good atmosphere, slipped Galtier. The best remedy was that (the globalists) worked quickly with their friends.”

But far from him the idea of ​​taking Strasbourg from the top, penultimate with eleven points. The 56-year-old expects a “difficult match, because it’s a team that will play for survival in the second part of the season”. “If we only base ourselves on the classification, we are completely wrong, insists Galtier. We start from scratch, there have been six weeks of cuts.”

This imposed break, World Cup requires, plunges the clubs into the unknown. But for Paris, another post-World Cup question could emerge: will the celebrations of Messi’s teammates, sometimes mocking Mbappé, put a chill between the two players?

“It’s not Leo (Messi) who chambered, a Galtier statement. We have to leave him out of it. There’s no reason to mix everything up. Kylian (Mbappé) had a very good attitude. He was very disappointed but he knew how to go with a lot of class to congratulate Leo, and that’s very good for the team.”


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