Pull-and-slip-skirt outfits are trending this season

Any outfit that takes less than 30 seconds to style is a total miracle in our book. Last year it was the chunky boots and jeans aesthetic, which when worn with a jacket became the fail-safe outfit option for winter walks and outdoor outings. air. This year, however, there’s a new set that’s proving a hit among connoisseurs, one that’s just as easy to recreate.

Our editors got together a few weeks ago to share their favorite outfits. That’s when we realized a lot of us were rocking the same look in loops. Although all of our colleagues have their own sense of style and tend to gravitate towards different things, we agreed that skirts and sweaters are where they are now. This two-part outfit formula can’t hurt without offering just the right amount of polish (via the brief’s satiny fabric) and a healthy dose of cozy winter comfort (thanks to the chunky knit). It’s also versatile enough to dress up with tall boots and suitable for the weekend with your aforementioned chunky boots.

It’s such a simple look to put together. The fashion crowd loved embracing the tonal colorways; in our opinion, this is the easiest way to work the trend. Beiges and creams are also a great solution, as evidenced by Monikh Dale. But if you want more impact, try a clash with a bold patterned knit. Trust us, try pairing this outfit now, and you won’t look back. Scroll down to see our favorite sweater-skirt-skirt outfits, then keep browsing for some great combinations.


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