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Queen Elizabeth Gets Her Hair Cut After Platinum Jubilee: See Photos

Queen Elizabeth got a new look for the warmer months ahead.

The monarch appears to have broken with tradition, getting a small cut on the top and sides of her typical hairstyle after all her Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this month. In photos taken at Windsor Castle on Wednesday and posted to the Royal Family’s official Instagram account, the Queen sports a cropped style and a bright yellow dress printed with a blue floral pattern while hosting an audience with Margaret Beazley, the Governor of New South Wales. , Australia. The royal’s previous hairstyle was last seen on June 2 when she made an appearance at a beacon lighting ceremony kicking off the four-day Jubilee celebration without her hat usual wide-brimmed.

Queen Elizabeth’s aide Angela Kelly has written about her own forays into hairstyling on behalf of the monarch during the pandemic in an updated version of her book, The other side of the coin: the queen, the chest of drawers and the wardrobe. “Beginning in March 2020, I washed the Queen’s hair weekly, styled and styled, and even cut it if needed. My team named it Kelly’s Salon,” she wrote. For the first two weeks I was shaking.I had only done her hair once or twice before on board the Royal Yacht Britannia.The Queen was so kind that she advised me on the very specific way to put the Kelly continued, “As I gained more confidence, I’m sure the queen thought I was a professional and started yelling at me, ‘Don’t do this, do this this way. way. That’s right, you have it, don’t change it. I thought, my God, I need a gin and tonic. So, while the queen was under the dryer, I told her : “I’m off for a drink because it’s so stressful, having to do it just for you. watching just used “a whole box of hairspray to make sure it lasted all week.”

This article first appeared on Vanity Room.

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