Rennes, Nice, Corsica… These destinations where renting a car is more or less expensive



Margaux Fodéré, edited by Romain Rouillard
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08:00 a.m., April 30, 2023

Inflation, attributed by INSEE to 5.9% in April, corresponded badly to the budget of the French for the summer holidays. A period during which it is sometimes necessary to rent a car. And according to the Carigami comparator, prices can be radically different from one city to another.

It is not always easy to know what to expect when renting a car. It must be said that from one city to another, the note can vary quite considerably. Depending on the destination chosen, the average price of a week’s rental can vary from 10 to… 150 euros, according to the Carigami comparator. While inflation started to rise again in April according to INSEE (+5.9%), Europe 1 lists the destinations to favor or avoid for all those who could control their holiday budget.

As often, it is in Lille, Mulhouse or Rennes that the most advantageous rates are found. With demand remaining stable in the summer, prices have no reason to jump. “These are not cities where we record photos of demand and therefore price increases”, confirms Pierre Feisthauer, development manager for the Carigami platform.

Corsica, the unsuspected good plan

Rarely, prices are exceptionally low this summer in Corsica, due to lower demand than in other years. “Renting a car in Corsica is very dependent on other factors, such as finding accommodation and finding a flight. The plane ticket is literally exploding. There are people who really want to go to Corsica this year and who are ready to spend I don’t know how much for a plane ticket, but it’s the right time to rent a car”, assures Pierre Feisthauer.

On the other hand, all holidaymakers wishing to reduce costs will have to avoid Biarritz, Nice or Bordeaux where it will be necessary to pay on average more than 420 euros for a one-week car rental, against 290 euros in Mulhouse.


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