Reviewed: 2 Beauty Editors Try Prose Custom Haircare

I trust Courtney with my life, and I also trust her with my hair (or anything else, even relatively beauty-related, for that matter). We may have different hair types – she has 4b and I have 2a – but when she told me she had tried a custom line of hair products from Prose and was insanely happy and surprised with the results , I couldn’t wait to jump on the Prose bandwagon too.

Yes, there are a few other customizable hair care brands, but Prose really takes it to a new level. You start the process by taking an incredibly in-depth quiz that works like a personal consultation for your hair needs, and from there the Prose algorithm works its magic to give you a curated set of formulas to make sure every day is good hair. daytime. No detail is left out, and you’re asked a variety of questions ranging from your current zip code (yes, climate is a major factor in your hair’s well-being) to the width of your part (for information about potential hair loss, for example), and you can even go so far as to choose a personal fragrance from a handful of lush options.

Not to mention, the brand uses only science-backed natural ingredients, each, according to its website, “meticulously selected and tested” by Prose’s in-house chemists to ensure safety, quality, and efficacy. Additionally, Prose is dedicated to sustainably sourced, natural products by featuring ethically harvested ingredients “from all corners of the world in collaboration with trusted local partners”, and the brand maintains a policy of very refreshing ban when it comes to popular buzzwords or additives. . “Our formulas give you the specific ingredients your hair really needs,” he explains. “Sometimes that means a more effective artificial element here or a simple natural element there. The magic is in our unique custom combinations, not just one star player. Trust the process, we guarantee you’ll love the results. “

Since Courtney and I are now both completely smitten with our Prose routines, we’re going to take a deep dive into the products we use and love right below – selfies, ratings and reviews included! If you’re looking to join us, head here to start your own prose consultation. Keep scrolling!


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