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Rich Boy Donates to Foster Home with 7 Kids, Finds Boxes on Doorstep Responding Later – Story of the Day

A rich little boy has decided to donate his most prized possession to a foster family with seven children, only to find boxes on his doorstep the next day.

Stuart was a 12 year old boy who had everything he needed and wanted. Although his parents were busy working most of the time, they made sure to give Stuart enough attention by constantly watching him and having dinner with him.

Stuart’s parents had no problem with him except that he played video games on his computer or games console all afternoon instead of doing his homework.

Stuart neglected his school work because of his video games. | Source: Pexel

One day, when his mother came home before dinner, she saw that he was playing games instead of doing his homework for the next day.

“Stuart, I’ve warned you so many times!” she said, exhausted from having to repeat herself over and over again. “We buy you all these games and gadgets because we know they make you happy, but all I ask in return is that you prioritize school! your homework, but I see your grades are dropping. What happened?” She sighed.

That night over dinner, Stuart’s mother informed his father that Stuart was slowly becoming an irresponsible student. This disappointed her father, who believed that education was the key to success.

Stuart’s parents were disappointed that he prioritized play over school. | Source: Pexel

For a few days, Stuart received cold treatment from his parents. They usually talked to each other during dinner, but this time they were there to teach him a lesson by remaining silent.

It wasn’t until he began to miss his parents that he realized he was wrong. He promised himself he would be a better son, especially since he was blessed with such understanding and generous parents.

The next day at school, his classmates were discussing a new game that everyone had already played except for two boys in class. Asked about the game, they admitted that they didn’t know how to play it because they didn’t own a game console.

Stuart’s classmates talked about a new game everyone was playing. | Source: Pexel

The two boys were part of a large family with seven adopted children. “We only share a computer with our father,” said one of the boys. “Our parents work hard to keep us in school and to feed us, so we don’t have extras for toys and games,” he explained.

Although Stuart did not participate in the conversation, he heard what his classmates were saying. Instead of making fun of them like the rest of his classmates did, he felt bad for them and started thinking about how to help them.

The next day, when Stuart’s mother came to check on his room after he left for school, she noticed that his computer and game console were missing. When Stuart came home that day, she decided to ask where he was keeping it.

Stuart’s game console wasn’t in his bedroom, so his mother wondered where it was going. | Source: Pexel

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, mum,” Stuart apologized quickly, thinking his mother would be angry. “I have two classmates who come from a family of seven adopted children. They don’t have much, so I decided to give them my computer and my console so they can play and hang out. fun like everyone else,” he revealed.

Stuart’s mother was shocked, but not for the reason Stuart expected. She immediately hugged him and exclaimed, “I can’t believe you gave them something that meant so much to you. I’m so proud of you, honey.”

The next day, Stuart came home from school and saw several boxes on the doorstep. There was a note attached to it saying, “In return for your kindness. Thank you, Stuart!” It was signed by the two classmates to whom he gave his console.

Stuart saw several boxes near the door on his way home from school. | Source: Pexel

Stuart peeked inside one of the boxes excitedly and saw several storybooks inside. It reminded him that he had spent so much time on his computer that he hadn’t opened a storybook in ages! A new kind of excitement rushed through him as he opened each box and discovered more books, books he suddenly couldn’t wait to read.

From that day on, Stuart started reading at least one book a day. It made him a more diligent student and taught him the importance of reading and less screen time.

Stuart became good friends with his two classmates and began visiting each other. His parents eventually bought him a new computer and game console, but he played it sparingly as he now enjoyed reading more than video games.

He and his classmates played games together and discussed books they had already read. His parents were thrilled with how their son had grown up so fast and they began to trust him more to do his homework and other responsibilities at his own pace.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Regardless of status and material wealth, we all have something we can give to each other. While Stuart’s way of helping his classmates was to give them his computer and games console, his classmates made sure to reciprocate his kindness by providing him with books. In the end, his classmates gave him more than books. They taught him a lesson in responsibility and diligence.
  • The way you raise your children impacts them more than you think. Stuart’s parents wanted to emphasize the importance of education for their son, so they decided to teach him a lesson. Ultimately, Stuart became a responsible and diligent student thanks to their guidance.

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