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Rich Bride mocks the waiter, later he’s the only one who can save her marriage – Story of the day


A wedding hall. | Source: Shutterstock

Janet came from a wealthy family and wanted the perfect wedding with all the extravagant details money could buy. However, things turned sour for the materialistic bride after she taunted a waiter in charge of wedding preparations.

The bridal bouquet had to be calla lilies! The wine counter had to be the most exquisite, and Janet had hired the most expensive designers to make her the most perfect and gorgeous wedding dress.

The only daughter of a millionaire businessman and a famous interior designer, Janet was obsessed with money, beauty and perfection. Her middle-class fiancé never understood why he fell in love with her, but it happened.

Harry was head over heels in love with her and couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else. So he saved all his money and bought the most beautiful ring he could afford for her. Janet’s eyes lit up when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and she said yes…

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“We’re far from close to her family, and I think you should reconsider marrying someone like her, son,” Harry’s mother told him after meeting Janet.

Harry’s parents realized that Janet was too materialistic and did not live up to the values ​​they held dear. But Harry seemed determined to marry her.

“I love Janet, mom,” he told his mother. “I agree she’s a bit of a perfectionist and extravagant, but she’ll fit in with us. Trust me.”

Being kind and generous counts more than being rich.

“I’m afraid that won’t happen, my son,” his father interjected. “That girl is too obnoxious, and I hope you won’t regret marrying her.”

“Let’s trust him, okay, Dad?” Harry told his parents. “Everything will be perfect. I believe in her.”

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

But unfortunately, nothing was perfect! As the wedding day approached, Janet grew increasingly nervous. She wanted the wedding to be perfect, so she arranged for the best vendors and the most extravagant wedding venue and personally paid attention to every detail.

So when she noticed a minor flaw in the preparations, it didn’t take long for her to lose her temper.

“How can you not receive the flowers I ordered?” I need to talk to your manager, and if things turn out like this, I might have to cancel the contract!

“This is awful! You want to embarrass my family in front of the guests? Take down those decorations, and I want it done again!”

“For God’s sake, please tell the designers that I also pay for the bridesmaid dresses, and I want them to be absolutely perfect!” Nothing less, okay? »

Janet was freaking out, changing minute details and themes days before the wedding and complicating the situation for the workers, who were working day and night to make her wedding day the best for her.

A heartless woman didn’t realize how hard it was for workers to put up with her irritating demands. So when a waiter made a small mistake on her wedding day, Janet’s anger knew no bounds.

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

“How the hell could you be so incompetent and ruin my wedding cake? This is ridiculous!” she shouted at the waiter, who had damaged the wedding cake while carrying it to the kitchen. “The guests are in the lobby, and what am I supposed to do?” Give them a failed cake?

“I’m sorry,” said the waiter. “I didn’t mean…I didn’t even touch it…It’s…It was an accident!”

“An accident?” Janet hissed. “Today is my wedding day! Nobody cares about your accident and your terrible excuses! YOU ruined my wedding and my cake! »

“Listen, madam,” said the waiter’s boss. “Our guys did their best, okay? It was just an accident. We did our best to make everything perfect for you.”

“Oh, for God’s sake, you have to stop this! Your best just isn’t good enough! You’re all incompetent!”

Janet kept making fun of the waiter and his team for how they had ruined his day. The waiters apologized for the terrible mistake they had made, but lost it when Janet continued to humiliate them mercilessly.

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

“WE ARE SORRY, okay?” the boss finally said. “But madam, we will not tolerate being disrespected in this way! We have worked hard to make your wedding a success, and we are not going to work in an environment where we are not treated with kindness. and dignity! WE STOP!”

With that, the server boss took off his apron and walked out, and his team followed suit. Janet was terrified watching them leave.

“Wait, you can’t leave me like this!” She cried. “We…we have to do something about the cake!”

But no one listened to his concerns. They all went out one by one, leaving her with the spoiled cake. Janet didn’t know what to do and fell to the floor crying.

“My marriage…it…it just got ruined!” she sobbed, imagining how embarrassing it would be to serve a spoiled cake to the guests.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice behind her say, “Get up! You’ll ruin your makeup if you keep crying.

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

Janet wiped away her tears and looked behind her. She saw that it was the waiter she had humiliated earlier. He said he would do his best to save his marriage and started baking the cake.

“It’s my fault, so I should fix this. Can you hold the guests for like 20 minutes? I swear, I’ll fix this somehow.”

“Thank you…” Janet said shyly. “I’m sorry about-“

“There’s still time for that. Please leave me alone for 20 minutes. I’ll take the cake down the hall, okay?”

Janet nodded and left the kitchen, trusting the waiter to save her wedding day. And he did what he promised.

Shortly after, he walked into the wedding venue with the cake on a cart, and it looked perfect! No one could guess that it was the same cake that was spoiled.

“Thanks very much!” Janet told the waiter as he brought it to her. “I apologize for my behavior.”

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

The waiter smiles. “I appreciate your apologies, but,” he trailed off. “I think the guys on my team would appreciate it too…After all, I’m not the only one who worked hard for your marriage. Congratulations. Your marriage hasn’t been ruined.”

Janet was very embarrassed about what she had done. So she took the mic before slicing the cake and sincerely apologized to the staff she had been rude to. She said she panicked too much about everything and was wrong to humiliate the workers.

At the end, the guests loved the cake and Janet met the workers and staff who had worked hard for her wedding, thanking them. And Janet’s marriage was, well, perfect.

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only. | Source: Pexel

What can we learn from this story?

  • Being kind and generous counts more than being rich. Despite Janet’s insults, the waiter stepped in to save her marriage, and he made Janet realize how money can’t buy everything.
  • What you give is what you get. Janet was rude to the servers and realized how wrong she was when karma caught up with her, and they left her alone with the ruined wedding cake.

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