RTÉ: Your questions answered about the Irish broadcaster’s payment scandal



As a public service broadcaster, RTÉ publishes the earnings of its highest paid presenters each year.

In 2021, RTÉ said Mr Tubridy earned €440,000 (£376,250), around €26,000 (£22,200) less than he earned the year before due to a cut salary of 15%.

However, he recently said he had the wrong figures on Mr Tubridy’s salary and that the presenter had in fact earned €515,000 (£440,380) in 2021.

The additional payments were discovered during an audit of the broadcaster’s finances.

He said that between 2017 and 2022 Mr Tubridy received a series of payments totaling €345,000 (£294,300) on top of what has been made public.

A review, the organization’s board said, found that under a separate agreement, Mr Tubridy had been guaranteed €75,000 (£64,000) in additional annual income by RTÉ, which had to be paid by a business partner.

However, the partner did not renew the contract for a second year, and since it was guaranteed by RTÉ, payments were made directly by the broadcaster to Mr Tubridy’s agent.

As a result, he received two payments totaling €150,000 (£128,000) in 2022, for that year and the year before.



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