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Russian ally tests ‘peacetime to wartime transition’ — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union


The Belarusian Defense Ministry said it was checking its military readiness in the capital, Minsk

The Belarusian army has launched a surprise military check, the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday. It includes the introduction of “measures to move from time of peace to time of war” in the capital, Minsk, he said.

The aim of the exercise, which took place at the Minsk commander’s office, is to “to test the knowledge of the troops and to evaluate their actions during a transition of the unit to the highest level of combat readiness”, the brief statement said, describing the exercise as pre-planned.

Belarus is a close ally of Russia. In October, the two nations announced the creation of a joint military force, to be hosted by Belarus and intended to bolster national security. Russia reportedly agreed to provide 9,000 troops, with the host country providing the bulk of the 70,000 troops.

Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said at the time that the US contingent in Europe maintained about 35,000 troops in Eastern Europe, including more than 22,000 troops in Poland and the Baltic states. These troops could be used for an attack on the country, he claimed.

President Alexander Lukashenko has accused NATO member states, including Poland and the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine, of posing a threat to his nation. Earlier this month, it said it had received and deployed advanced weapons from Russia, including S-400 long-range air defense systems and Iskander tactical missiles.

Russian ally deploys new weapons

Last week, Belarus introduced travel restrictions in several regions bordering Ukraine, citing growing tensions with the neighboring state. Minsk has accused kyiv of carrying out “provocations” at the border.

Minsk allowed Moscow to use Belarusian territory in its military operation in Ukraine, but refused to provide troops there.

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