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Ryan Seacrest praises CNN for banning alcohol on New Year’s Eve after being lambasted by drunk Andy Cohen last year


Ryan Seacrest hates having fun, apparently. The radio host and personality is all for CNN’s new alcohol policy on New Year’s Eve, which asks newscasters to abstain from drinking while reporting that day. This has nothing to do with Andy Cohen blasting him drunk on live TV last year, does it???

Ahead of his own annual NYE show, Seacrest weighed in on the competition in an interview with Weekly entertainment. The man who was called a “loser” by Cohen told the outlet “it’s probably a good idea” to ask CNN anchors not to imbibe as they ring in 2023.

“I’m not advocating drinking when you’re on the air. I don’t know how it started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CN. There are some pretty respectable people or at least one, right? I think there’s a serious journalist and a friend of mine having a lot of fun, but it’s probably a good idea,” Seacrest said.

Seacrest admitted, “Although viewers probably wish they would drink more,” before vaguely mentioning last year’s incident, in which Cohen described him and his colleagues at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve as “a group of losers”.

“But I think they had something to say about my show at one point, which was for sure because of the alcohol because I don’t think they would say what they said about of our artists if they didn’t drink,” Seacrest said, referring to Cohen disparaging him and his ABC colleagues. “But, you know, I think our show is bigger and wider and we won’t be drinking until 1:05 in the morning. However, I might send them Casa Dragones tequila just to tempt them while they’re on the air.

The variety reported in November that CNN would be significantly less boozed this year after network chairman and CEO Chris Licht asked staffers at a town hall not to drink on or off camera while working the December 31st. – on-camera drinking has eroded the credibility of CNN staff and damaged the “respectability” they may enjoy among viewers.

However, two stars from CNN’s New Year’s cover are exempt from the rule. Cohen, who co-hosts the annual show with Anderson Cooper, revealed on Watch what’s happening live that the duo can drink all they want this year.

“Anderson and I are going to party harder than we ever have on New Years Eve,” he told his audience. “Do you understand me?”

Look out, Seacrest.

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