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Sean Paul’s wife has hosted and co-hosted several famous shows: Meet Jodi Henriques


Sean Paul, Jodi, Levi Blaze and Remi Leigh Henriques | Source: instagram.com/jodijinx

Although not as famous as her husband, Sean Paul’s wife Jodi Henriques is a celebrity in her own right. She has had a long career as a TV host and also spends time creating content for her YouTube channel.

Hyperactive Jodi has been married to the iconic dancehall singer for ten years. The couple had been together for nearly a decade before getting married. She changed her surname to Henriques after marrying Sean Paul, whose real name is Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques.

The couple share two children, a boy and a girl, and they live in a spectacular home whose main features include a large space and lots of marble. The YouTuber seems to be a huge fan of the material, putting it in almost every room in the gigantic house.

Jodi “Jinx” Henriques is a beauty influencer and TV host

Jodi has a passion for television animation and lives that passion, in part through a YouTube channel. Initially, she was the sole owner of the channel and used it to share videos about motherhood, beauty, style, lifestyle and everything in between. The multitasking beauty also directed and produced the videos herself.

However, his channel has been invaded by a welcome intruder. Jodi comically recalled, “as usual, along comes my annoying, needy little sister ‘Tricky’ who has decided this is now OUR channel.” The channel has been rebranded as “Jodi and Tricky,” and the couple are sharing fun videos on a variety of topics, including cooking.

Jodi has TV experience from her time with Road Ready TV, where she was the host of their flagship program, “VIP Backstage”. On the show, she interviewed celebrities and party bosses. Hosting is now her forte, as years of experience have seen her hosting shows on major channels such as BET and Telemundo.

They have been together for about two decades

Jodi and Paul have been together for almost two decades now. The couple dated for eight years before getting engaged. Their engagement lasted about two and a half years before the lovebirds decided to get married.

In March 2012, Jodi walked down the aisle in a stunning mermaid wedding dress. Her hubby looked fresh in an all-black suit and rocked one of his signature hairstyles, the mohawk. On their eighth anniversary, Henriques shared her wedding photo with the caption:

“That was the exact moment he realized he should have run away!!! Thank you for staying with me. I promise to always keep things exciting. Happy Anniversary. Married 8 years. Fiancé 1 year and a half. Dated 8 years.”

Jinx and Sean’s first baby was born 5 years after their marriage

Five years after their marriage, Jodi and her world-famous hubby have become a family of three after welcoming their first child, Levi Blaze Henriques. He was born on February 20, 2017.

A few years later, the couple welcomed their second child. Remi Leigh Henriques was born on August 20, 2019, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces. In a photo posted to her Instagram, Jodi described her daughter as follows:

“Sassy and sweet second born with dimples!! The joy you have brought to our lives for the past three years is unmatched. I love you so much, my sweet girl. Keep shining like the little star that you truly are.”

Where do they live?

Sean Paul — whose collaboration with Beyonce on “Baby Boy” was historic — and Jodi live in a mansion in Cherry Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica. Jodi Henriques posted a video in 2020 in which she gave fans a virtual tour of the house.

The first stop in the immaculate and spacious home is the huge kitchen, where Jodi has a huge marble table in the middle. The YouTuber is very fond of the marble material.

The Henriques house is a two story building and has bedrooms upstairs. The master bedroom has a master bath with a shower, enough to accommodate six people at a time, and the tub next door. Again, the bathroom is made of lots of marble, as are the kitchen and the dining room.

The big house also has a big closet for Jodi with plenty of space to sit down and think about what she’s going to wear. When she goes out, she also likes to wear makeup; therefore, when Paul was building the house, he made sure to add a classic makeup counter for his wife.


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