Second Life Podcast: Ara Katz

There’s a common wellness statement that your overall health starts in your gut – and that’s true. Ara Katz, co-founder and co-CEO of microbiome science company Seed Health, is one of the biggest advocates for gut health, proving the science behind the importance of gut health through pioneering innovations in probiotics and live drugs. Katz started Seed Health in 2015 with a mission to set a new standard for gut health by defining the direct correlation between what happens in your gut and how it affects overall body health, including your skin, heart , your digestion, etc.

Seed Health’s flagship product, the Daily Synbiotic, is a two-in-one daily capsule containing both a probiotic and a prebiotic to support gut health that has completely revolutionized the daily prebiotic supplement. And last year Katz impressively raised $40 million in seed funding, which it is using to expand clinical research and global distribution. But, as Katz continues to lead a company that sits at the intersection of healthcare, consumer tech, media and design, it may come as a surprise that her early career unfolded in a completely different area. Before starting her own science company, Katz co-founded LVMH-backed mobile commerce startup Spring, where she helped launch ApplePay on the iPhone.

Listen to the latest episode of second life to hear how Katz found the path – through his personal and professional life – to create a product that truly has a positive impact on our health.

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