See what I save and give up for the summer

Unfortunately, I’m a clothes hoarder. Even when I’m cleaning out my closet, I keep items in bags for months before I’m ready to say goodbye to them for good. As my closet floor started to become less and less noticeable over the past month, I decided it was time for the inevitable closet cleaning. I didn’t get rid of a ton, but just changing my clothes was a game changer. It’s only been about a week since I’ve cleaned, and I already have an easier time getting dressed in the morning.

Even though I try not to, I end up making a few impulse buys influenced by the trends I see online, and let’s just say they don’t fare as much as I imagined. Now that I’ve taken the time to really sit in my closet and analyze, I can see common themes in what I wear often and what items just aren’t working for me. So the next time I want to buy a trend, I will have more information to know if I will actually wear it. I wouldn’t go through the whole closet cleaning process without taking you with me, so keep scrolling to see what got the cut and what got the boot.


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