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‘Selling Sunset’ Maya Vander’s Marriage, Children and Professional Life

Maya Vander of “Selling Sunset” has been through some devastating times in her life, including a miscarriage and stillbirth. Here’s a look at the reality TV star’s personal life.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest gifts. Naturally, anyone would feel bad if deprived of this chance in life.

Maya Vander sadly experienced this when she miscarried just six months after having a stillborn son. A few days ago, the “Selling Sunset” star shared the devastating news on her Instagram account.

Although suffering, Vander thanked her children, Elle and Aiden, and her husband, Dave Miller, for bringing sunshine to her days amid the sadness.


Vander, known for “Selling Sunset,” moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and worked two jobs as a real estate agent. In 2014, she met her husband in a California bar and got married almost three years later.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Vander got a taste of fame with his reality show, “Selling Sunset.” The same year, she welcomed her first child Aiden, followed by a daughter in 2020.

Vander and her husband announced their pregnancy in July 2021 with their third child, but when the reality star gave birth in December, the child was stillborn. Vander shared:

“The heartbeat was completely normal. The cord wasn’t near his neck. So when I left I felt fine with the assumption that my baby is just growing and has less health. space to move.”

However, when she had another visit to OB, the doctor found no more heartbeats. “I was completely in shock,” she added. “I called my husband hysterical and the doctors were also devastated.”

Vander was forced to deliver her child soon after, without her spouse, who had COVID at the time. It was undoubtedly a devastating and traumatic experience that she wouldn’t wish on anyone.


Vander’s personal life is sometimes included in “Selling Sunset,” despite the show focusing on the high-end Los Angeles real estate market.

The show’s first five seasons showed Vander working in Miami and Los Angeles under the Oppenheim Group. After the fifth season, Vander revealed that she did not want to return as a full-time cast member if the series was renewed for another season.

Vander ended up opening his real estate company, The Maya Vander Group, in Miami and left Los Angeles permanently to be with his family.


According to TMZ, Vander will not return to “Selling Sunset” after the tragic events. Instead, she will focus on raising her family and growing her business.

Meanwhile, “Selling Sunset” welcomed newcomer Emma Hernan, a model-turned-realtor. Admittedly, Hernan felt nervous about joining Oppenheim’s team due to the possible criticism she might receive.

However, her castmates have already given her an idea of ​​what might happen and some helpful tips for dealing with external hate. With the support she has received, Hernan will no doubt have it easy.


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